Casestudy: Het Appeltaartgevoel brand new webshop

Case study: The Apple Pie feeling brand new webshop

Last year it was time for Marieke from the store in The Hague to add a webshop. It had been planned for years, but in 2018 the time had come. A webshop is a very logical extension if you already have a well-run 'brick shop'. Marieke went for it and Sell your stuff online was allowed to do that for her.

It was great fun to work for a company in The Hague again. We soon realized that this assignment would be a combination of a Webshop pack , Newsletter (MailChimp) pack and a number of online courses/programs for guidance.

Who is The Apple Pie Feeling?

The owner of this wonderful company is Marieke Sengers. Scandinavian and Dutch design meet here and the cozy homely feeling comes to you both online and offline. The brick shop can be found in the Royal Shopping District on Noordeinde in The Hague. Be sure to walk to the back because there you will find a beautiful 'secret garden' hidden where you can enjoy a very good cup of coffee (or tea) and something delicious. A day in The Hague is not complete without a visit to Het Appeltaartschijn ! No plans to come this way? Then the webshop offers an equally good alternative for your perfect gift.


The result is a shop that fits seamlessly with the existing store. A quiet environment where the products speak and the Apple Pie feeling comes into its own. The webshop is made with the Mijnwebwinkel system and can be easily adjusted and maintained by Marieke and/or her staff. Subsequently, we also set up a MailChimp account with a matching newsletter template (this is briefly the content of our Newsletter (MailChimp) pack ). The webshop of Het Appeltaartschijn is now completely our own, functions as an extra location and works to our full satisfaction.

We asked Marieke a few questions

What do you think is the best product from your shop?
Oh my god what a bad question! Every brand has a special product for me. I think for now that the cup of Royal Delft is favorite. This line of theirs is new and I get kind of intensely happy when I see the beautiful decoration on the cup and saucer. The coffee must taste very good from such a cup

Royal Delft

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What made you decide to let your webshop do the selling your stuff online?

The personal attention! I could choose from many options and companies, but I did not choose the cheapest. I experienced the personal, the thinking along and the help during and after the process as very pleasant. I still follow various tools to bring the webshop where I want it.

What have you achieved as a result with your new webshop so far?
The webshop is really a second store. I find the whole marketing around a webshop quite difficult. I am more in my element with people in our stone shop. Fortunately, I can tell you about it with great pride and enthusiasm
purchases will result. It really is an extension of the store for us.

May we know what your future plans are?
Secure! In the stone shop we have arranged parties, workshops, meet the designers, special evenings, etc. We are now going to translate these to the webshop. And that will be very cool!

Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?
Yes, of course! Sell ​​your stuff online offers not only for building and designing the site, but also for all ancillary activities that come with setting up an online store. This gives me so much added value. Everything flows smoothly into each other and that is very nice!

Thank you Marieke

For the beautiful assignment and your trust. Because you give so much love to your company, it is very nice to work with you. We wish you a lot of fun and success with The Apple Pie Feeling, we will be happy to keep an eye on you.

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