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Mariko Naber

I'm Mariko Naber, branding freak and 'sensor for what it takes' for online entrepreneurs who want to earn good money without nonsense. Together with my partner Mark I have design agency Loaded ink BNO and I ran my own jewelry label and popular webshop Applepiepieces (sold in 2017) for 10 years.

Over the past 20+ years, we discovered strategies and formulas that made our businesses mega successful. Our enormous treasury of knowledge and experience, healthy love-hate relationship with social media, critical view of the current paths and BNO membership make SYSO the ultimate go-to for Dutch and Belgian online entrepreneurs.

When I talk about 'we', it's about Mark (who doesn't like to be in the foreground), me and our super nice team of assistants, creatives, partners, programmers, advisors and other handy masterminds. 🏄‍♀️ Our hometown is Scheveningen .

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Crackling luxury and migraine

Ondernemerschap is vrijheid

Crackling luxury and migraine

Every now and then we take a very nice trip with our family, but crackling luxury is not a must here. Who does not honor the small…

It is important that our company is tightly planned and organized and that it continues to run if we are not (or can't) be there for a while. For me, that freedom is not only a nice to have, but also a must have.

The chronic migraine I had for the past 10 years* allowed me to work for a maximum of 10 days in a month. I've long seen this as something you don't talk about too much. A weakness that makes you less of a person. That is why I have never 'used' migraine in my communication before.

Until now, because how we approach things because of this is SO characteristic of the effective way we work and the online tools we develop. Lack of time has become a super power!

* the migraine is now under control by a ketogenic diet

The good stuff & the bullsh*t

met SYSO geven we deze kennis graag aan jou door

The good stuff & the bullsh*t

In the meantime I am now able to achieve as much as possible in as little time as possible. I flawlessly distinguish the good stuff from the bullsh*t.

By working with that extremely tight planning and handy self-developed tools , we are still where we are today, both professionally and privately. We can go wherever we want.

That feels like you're holding gold, as if the code has been cracked… and with SYSO we are happy to pass this knowledge on to you. So that you too can do business as smartly as possible and enjoy a free life. You can find all our tools here . With most solutions you can get started right away to give your company a big boost easily and quickly.

Knowing more?

Over hoe SYSO begon

Long ago...

Ever since I can remember I have been inventing solutions, drawing or making 'things'. Partly because of my parents and grandparents, entrepreneurship was also an early idea. In my childhood I often stood behind a stall with my creations. The drive and confidence that everything can be made has always stayed with me.

I think anyone can start a webshop or (online) business. The secret of success lies in the combination of good planning, distinguishing yourself and finding your own marketing mix - which is fun, not complicated and suits you!

Do you have any idea what is missing in the combination and what your biggest obstacle is to be more successful with your company? Find out what you need here.

Loaded ink BNO - branding agency

1997 - Loaded ink BNO

Loaded ink BNO was founded in 1996 by Mark, I joined a year later and we've been doing everything together ever since. Marks' design style is abstract and typographic, while I like to come up with concepts. These disciplines complement each other very well. A small selection of our projects:

• various. campaigns and setup of Unicef KidsUnited kids club
illustrations and bag line for girls magazine Fancy
• festival Pop Aan Zee by order of the Province of Zeeland
• design of the Creative City of The Hague
• Clear skin game Dr. Van der Hoog cosmetics
• website Koninklijke de Ruiter
• documentary and book Bronovo . Hospital
• marketing and design Mercedes-Benz NL
• various. campaigns for HTM passenger transport
• various. campaigns for Oxfam Novib

Applepiepieces webshop succes

2007 - Apple Pie Pieces

Loaded ink revolved around 2007 good, we worked for nice clients and had nice staff, but after ten years I felt it was time for a change. Away from the crowds, the computers, I wanted to work with my hands. Something I used to love to do. And so I grabbed a box full of old beads from the attic and started making jewelry.
At that time we also took care of the management of Marijke Helwegen. In the context of 'don't laugh at Marijke, but with Marijke', I designed a cartoon character and T-shirts . We got this on TV at, among others, Life & cooking and DWDD and the shirts flew like hot cakes from our then tiny webshop. To fill things up a bit, I also placed some of my jewelry and named the shop 'Applepiepussy', after the movie From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). Later the name 'Applepiepieces' became - for obvious reasons... You can read more about this in my book .

Mariko Naber en bestseller werkboek Sell your stuff online

2014 - Sell your stuff online

Augustus 2013, Applepiepieces bestond inmiddels vijf jaar. Ergens rond twee uur in een warme zomernacht, lag ik te piekeren over de vele vragen van andere vrouwen die ook een webshop wilde opzetten.

Elke stap, elke actie en elk cijfer over ons Applepiepieces-avontuur had ik tot dan toe nauwkeurig bijgehouden en ineens ging er een lichtje branden. Het moet een boek zijn!

Een uitgever was gelukkig al gauw gevonden en zes maanden later lag het eerste webshop werkboek van Nederland in alle boekhandels van Nederland en België. De vijfde druk heeft alweer duizenden webshop eigenaren geholpen.

SYSO is nu een onderneming waarmee ik andere online ondernemers verder kan helpen op weg naar hun succes. Want dat is precies de reden dat SYSO bestaat. Om succes te maken, te hebben en vooral: te delen!

Sell your stuff online live masterclass

Groeien als de brandweer

Na de lancering van het boek ging het zo snel, binnen zes jaar is SYSO uitgegroeid tot een stevig platform voor Nederlandse en Belgische ecommerce ondernemers. Die weten ons te vinden wanneer ze slim én met plezier willen groeien.

Naast onze tools en webinars heb ik in de afgelopen jaren ook veel offline gedaan. Zo ben ik in Londen uitgenodigd om te spreken op Shopify Pursuit, presenteerde ik verschillende malen op ShowUP, Facebook boost, Google Bloei en andere events. Daarnaast organiseerden we met SYSO tweemaal het uitverkochte Make it happen event in Crowne Plaza Den Haag. Check de events pagina maar eens.

Wil je voortaan niks meer missen? Sign up en je weet alles.

2020 - Happlify

Happlify is een hard groeiende, kwalitatieve shopping guide voor vrouwen (30+ jaar, Nederland en België) die een positieve en vertrouwde plek zoeken waar zij kennis kunnen maken met leuke, bijzondere en veilige webshops. Het content platform trekt dagelijks bezoekers door inspirerende artikelen over lifestyle, shoppen, leuke uitjes en recepten.

Een mooie plek voor Happlify proof webshops om op een positieve en persoonlijke manier zichtbaar te worden met een kwalitatieve webshop of merk.

Happlify proof is je shop als jouw dienst of product positief, uniek, verrassend, kwalitatief en/of duurzaam is. Deze richtlijnen zijn er om het aanbod op Happlify zo kwalitatief mogelijk te houden. Meld je hieronder aan en wordt snel zichtbaar bij een steeds groter wordend, positief publiek.

Branding is baked into our DNA and is a key element for the success of your company. We have now provided hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations with a unique logo and matching branding. Can we help you too?

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