"I'm done. How do I sell my webshop?"

Are you looking for a place where your carefully built company comes into its own and is not snowed under by hundreds of other offers? Then you are in the right place. Many preceded you (successfully).

SYSO attracts many visitors every day who want to start a webshop for the first time, are interested in doing business online, own a webshop and are looking forward to more. In short, this place is particularly suitable for offering a webshop, concept or unique domain name for sale. Are you ready and do you want to sell your webshop?

a clear sales profile

6 months listed within our 'Webshops for sale' category

3 x to the attention via our social media channels

1 x newsletter for sale in the Webshops (interested network)

1 x mention in the SYSO newsletter

PLEASE NOTE : SYSO offers a platform, but no mediation. Interested parties respond directly to the email address you provided. If SYSO is contacted directly, we will of course refer you on. We are not an intermediary, do not make a valuation and are not responsible for agreements between seller and potential buyer.

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Sell webshop

Bookable extra

Advice session
Would you like custom advice about the sale of your webshop, concept or domain name?

Book this service with a telephone advice session (±60 minutes) with Mariko Naber, specialist in the field of branding, e-commerce and online marketing.

How does it work?

1 - Order + pay for this service

2 - After that you will receive an email with a VAT invoice

3 - After completing your order, fill in the INTAKE and we will contact you asap

That's all! We will then create a clear sales profile and contact you.

Still good to know
If, for whatever reason, you prefer not to immediately reveal the identity of your shop, you can. We will then put your profile online as a 'Mystery shop' anonymously.

Click here for the INTAKE

The necessary data for a profile

• number of unique visitors p/m
• number of active customers
• avg. number of orders p/m
• avg. spending per order
• annual turnover (average over 3 years)
• profit before tax (average over 3 years)
• possibly. available stock
• registered domain names
• registered (image) brands such as the logo
• used e-commerce software
• investments that have been made
• social media reach (followers)
• number of mailing list subscribers
• description of the web store (inventory, stocks, growth opportunities, potential, social media reach, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the webshops that are now for sale?

If we have webshops, concepts or domain names for sale, you will find them here .

How long does it take for my webshop to be sold?

There is no guarantee that your shop will be sold, but the chances are many times greater if you put it on the big clock at SYSO. Most webshops are for sale between 3 and 6 months.

Can SYSO mediate for me?

It depends on whether we have time for this or not. Please contact us if you wish.

How do I stay informed about new webshops that are for sale?

CLICK HERE and simply put yourself on the Webshops for sale mailing list.

Is Webshop for sale also included in SYSO VIP?

No, because this is not a digital tool, but a service just like branding, coaching and webshop.

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