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Love brands rule the world!

Build a strong brand, differentiate yourself and win the heart of your customer. The must-have foundation of your company

"Flaming hot tacos"

You have a company, a logo, a webshop or website, do something on social media and advertise. But be very honest... actually it's not going as fast as you hoped. Sales are disappointing, growth lags (somewhat) behind. But how, because you could tick off all the requirements for an online business?

It all looks decent, but why does it remain a simmering pot instead of the flaming hot tacos flying over the counter?!

That's where branding comes in and that's not just your logo, beautiful brand colors and your webshop or website. Branding is everything to a company and is only becoming more important in today's turbulent world around us.

Why would you go naked on the ice?

Why would you go naked on the ice?

Branding is your foundation, the roots that get deeper and deeper into the ground so that you and your company can grow healthily.

Through branding you understand your customer, your competitor and therefore your own direction. You understand why someone does or does not buy from you and how you can manage this with strategy.

You will find the authentic story of your company, your beliefs, purpose and mission. We give your brand its own archetype and fully map out how you will grow with it.

The vision you develop allows you to see the future and to make realistic forecasts. Trust me, that will make your heart jump!

"Isn't that also marketing?" - nope, branding always comes first. First you have to understand who you are, what you do, for what audience and how you want the world to see you, then you start shouting and attracting.

First you wrap up warm, call your friends, eat something and put on your skates and only then go on the ice, not the other way around. Have you ever seen someone slide naked on the ice?

With all the knowledge and insights you get from me with this valuable training, you have the growth plan of your roots and your own unique compass of your company in your hands. Let's DO this!

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Love brand storytelling

option 1 (see above)


option 1 (see above)


1 kickoff afternoon live on location in Scheveningen (optional)

4 online coaching sessions of 1.5 hours spread over 8 weeks

session 1 : know, understand and activate your audience + competition analysis
session 2 : drawing up your vision, mission and brand story
session 3 : find the character of your brand for your positioning
session 4 : create your own mood and brand board as a visual guide

all teaching materials can be found in the SYSO Campus

After this training you have built your brand with me from the foundation to the smoking chimney. Now you can get started yourself or direct others to process your branding throughout your company.

After this you also have a love brand that is solid as a house with a strategy for the coming years.


Branding has been our middle name since 1996. With our branding agency Loaded ink BNO we have been overseeing the bigger picture for years and understand big and small.

We follow all developments closely and do not tell you old stale stories - which no longer work.

Mariko is also a mentor at BNO and has been providing brand strategy and personal branding training in the business world for years.

5 great reasons to become a love brand

1 - love brand customers are super loyal customers
2 - love brand customers are less price conscious and willing to pay more
3 - love brand customers promote your business wherever they can
4 - love brand customers always stand up for you
5 - running a love brand makes you happier on all fronts because it makes sense

Prefer 1-on-1 or have it done?

This training is option 1 in groups and DIY, so make your Brand master plan yourself, of course with the help of Mariko.

If you want us to set up your brand master plan, choose option 2.

Do you want to outsource your complete branding and does your company need more?

Contact us

My name is Mariko Naber, I am a branding and online marketing expert, with a great love for ecommerce and founder of SYSO. Together with my partner Mark I own design agency Loaded ink BNO and ran my own jewelery label and popular webshop Applepiepieces (sold in 2017) for 10 years.

Over the past 20+ years, we've discovered strategies and formulas that have made our own businesses and those of hundreds of others mega successful. Our enormous treasure chest of knowledge and experience, critical view on well-trodden paths and BNO membership have made SYSO the ultimate go-to for Dutch and Belgian online entrepreneurs since 2014.

We understand big, small, the profession, online business and you. We, Mariko, Mark and team SYSO, are happy to help you with a successful business that makes you proud and that takes care of your freedom.

Suez Tea has grown enormously

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I became acquainted with SYSO over a year ago and I am very happy with this no nonsense coaching. Everything explained in easy words and step by step. I have experienced enormous growth in the past year and that is partly due to SYSO.

Annemarie - Suezthee.nl

Clear and practical

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

For this I have followed a webinar or small courses at various companies. But with SYSO everything was clear and practical. This makes everything easy to follow and you don't lose a lot of time unnecessarily. The contact with Mariko is very pleasant and you always get a quick answer if you have any questions.

Sascha - Liefsuitzierikzee.nl

More than worth it!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Each course and masterclass contains plenty of good tips and advice. Mariko explains everything step by step in a simple way, so that you can easily apply it yourself. SYSO's tools are more than worth it!"

Merghery - Wijnhandelalexander.nl

I now have a thriving business

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Without SYSO and golden ticket my webshop was still a point of frustration, where it is now a well-run company ❤️

Suzanne - Littlesuzies.nl

Frequently Asked Questions

If I already have a logo, does this training also make sense?

Yes, of course! Because this training shows you how to apply your logo and branding, how you are consistent and why that is necessary.

In the ideal situation, you first set out your brand strategy and finish by visualizing your brand. The visual part is less than a quarter of the complete picture.

I don't have a logo yet/I'm not satisfied with it. What now?

You've come to the right place for developing your logo and visual branding, take a look .

Talk to Mariko, maybe we can make a nice combination deal.

Surely I can do 'something' with branding on my own?

Yes, but be aware that you are in fact reinventing the wheel, while we have already done that for you for a long time. With this training you will have earlier results because we know exactly what branding and how it can work for you.

Can I create my own logo and branding with this training?

During and after this training it will become clear what your brand could look like, but you will not learn how to design a logo. Branding is also so much more than that.

If you want to have a logo unworked, take a look at branding .

Is this only for webshops?

Certainly not! The course is suitable for any business, whether online or offline, selling products or services.

Can I also have a logo + branding made by SYSO?

With the Love brand strategy training you develop your own brand strategy and we also look at your visual brand (is a quarter of the whole), but we will not design a logo.

If you would still like us to design it for you and think along about your story, please contact us or schedule a call with Mariko right away. Because we are happy to help you with that, take a look at the branding page.

How long does this training take?

The training consists of 4 online meetings of 1.5 hours spread over 8 weeks. I would count 2 to 4 hours a week for your homework.

Is this training also available at SYSO VIP?

Digital tools can be found in the SYSO VIP subscription. Love brand strategy is not a digital tool, but a training and therefore you will not find it in the range. You do get a discount as a SYSO VIP. Contact us for more information. Even if you have ever had your branding designed with us, I would love to hear from you!

Do you know that one webshop?

...where you are welcomed as if you are going to have a nice coffee? It seems to smell like strawberry ice cream and once you're inside, you read a nice story with useful tips and you keep clicking from one goodie to the next.

You can hardly wait to press 'checkout' and receive your order through the bus like a party. Until then you will receive nice messages by email with where your mail is, a nice extra fact and a sweet discount for the next shopping session.

These kinds of shops are rare and you're happy to tell anyone who will listen about the personal note and extra candy you found in the cheerful box.

What if I cannot attend the coaching sessions?

They are all recorded and then available for replay in the Love brand strategy course environment.

For the entrepreneur who feels that something is missing, wants to develop and knows that there is much more to be gained!

For the entrepreneur who is stuck and can't get any further alone.

For you if you find it difficult to explain to others what you do (without making yourself small).

For you if you are very interested in branding, storytelling and making a brand as attractive as possible.

Oh yes, everything is more fun together!

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