The logo wall

Branding is so much more than a logo. Branding is everything. From what you stand for, how you do business, who you trade with and to whom you sell. This all translates into the visual identity of which your logo is a part. And designing logos has been our special skill for decades.

My name is Mariko Naber, founder of SYSO, I am a branding and online marketing expert, with a great love for ecommerce. Together with my partner Mark, I run the design agency Loaded ink BNO (since 1997) and ran my own jewelry label and popular webshop Applepiepieces for 10 years (sold in 2017).

Over the past 20+ years, I wrote a bestseller and discovered strategies and formulas that made our own businesses and those of thousands of others mega-successful. Our enormous treasure chest of knowledge and experience, critical view of well-trodden paths and BNO membership have made SYSO the ultimate go-to for Dutch and Belgian online entrepreneurs since 2014.

We understand big, small, the profession, online entrepreneurship and you. We, Mariko, Mark and team SYSO, are happy to help you with a successful business that makes you proud and that takes care of you your freedom.