Casestudy: MT-Sfeeridee branding + webshop

Case study: MT-Sfeeridee branding + webshop

We have been able to call MT-Sfeeridee our customer since 2016. In that year we provided this beautiful company in Huissen with a new house style and webshop update. The logo and branding are still proudly standing, but we were able to move the website to Shopify last year.

For a rustic and luxurious living style you can go to MT-Sfeeridee , a beautiful stone store where you cannot possibly come home uninspired. Everything is beautifully styled and you can go there for every detail: furniture, unique home accessories, color on the wall, special stone floors and curtains. Literally everything. and that is exactly where things went wrong with the webshop after years. It was time for a (much) bigger jacket.


The branding was restyled six years ago, but it turns out to be absolutely timeless. Exactly what we like to go for when we develop a logo. Whether we do that with Sell your stuff online or whether we start a branding process with Loaded ink, sustainability has always (for 20 years) been our starting point.

The new webshop

The new webshop was built by us in Shopify. Shopify is a great SaaS e-commerce solution that grows with the company and is equipped with many automatic marketing options as standard. MT Atmosphere Idea has a huge product range, the right theme has been sought for that. We have also expanded the webshop with custom viewer pages and clear mega menus.

MT atmosphere idea webshop

Marie-Therese from MT-Sphere Idea

We asked Marie-Therese from MT-Sfeeridee a few questions

Why did you start MT-Sphere Idea?

MT-Sfeeridee arose from my passion for interior design, since I can remember I have been busy with special and unique home accessories from all over Europe - I used to do this with friends as an outing, later when I started my shop these pearls came also on sale! For example, 20 years ago it was practically impossible to get lime paint and chalk paint to the Netherlands, we had to pick this up ourselves in France or England.

In 2011, my husband and I embarked on a major challenge, a rigorous renovation of a large building in the center of Huissen. When the 'shop section' started to take shape I was sure that I wanted to open a shop here myself, less than a week later my husband and I were in the car to France… The first purchase was a fact and within 3 weeks the grand was opening!

What do you think is the best product (category) from the range?

Absolutely the furniture , there is nothing as diverse as translating the living wishes of a family, couple or a company into the appropriate furniture. All our furniture is produced in the Netherlands and can be personalized to the millimeter, from the softest velvet fabric on a dining room chair to a coarse woven Belgian linen on the sofa. The great thing is that a sofa in our showroom is never ordered the same! Every customer gives it their own, tailor-made twist and that is what makes this product category so nice.

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

I first requested a telephone conversation with Mariko to gather some more information, this immediately felt right. A nice and honest consultation has taken a lot of bears off the road for us – Everything was new for us, so it was difficult. I immediately signed up for the Content Coach Program (lifetime) and the E-mail marketing magic program , because if we do it… Then we do it right ;-)

And it turned out. Within four years we had already outgrown our jacket on our previous platform and Mariko also helped us with the construction and move to the new platform, Shopify . Best choice ever, we couldn't have done this without Mariko and her team! Personal guidance and interest were the absolute decisive factor for us to message Mariko a second time for this great job.

Are you happy and what have you achieved as a result with your new branding so far?

More than happy! It worked out perfectly for us, the new webshop and the new store both received the new logo and branding. This immediately looked professional and familiar!

For us it is a great convenience that the branding has been developed by a professional, this allows us to implement this in all our social media channels and we are immediately recognizable by our customers - both online and offline. Sometimes people pass by the store: " Hey, MT-Sfeeridee – I always see that logo on Pinterest!" , that's cool of course.

Would you recommend SYSO?

Yes absolutely, we can look back on a pleasant and clear collaboration with Mariko and the SYSO team.

Thank you

It is always great to work for MT-Sfeeridee . Over the years we have seen the company grow considerably and it is very nice to be able to participate in that positive spiral. With both a beautiful store/showroom and a matching webshop/site, where customers can orientate online, your company is a good example of how online and offline can reinforce each other. Silke makes beautiful inside viewers and inspires potential customers with good content. Good luck and have fun with the new & improved MT-Sphere Idea webshop!

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