Casestudy: Liefs uit Zierikzee branding, webshop + coaching

Case study: Love from Zierikzee branding, webshop + coaching

In the centuries-old streets of Zierikzee you will find no less than 568 (!) monuments, you will be amazed. It is wonderful to walk along the small harbor full of beautiful yachts and cozy terraces. If you like shopping, then you still have really nice, authentic shops here, such as Liefs uit Zierikzee. Owner Sascha recently received a handwritten (!) letter with compliments for her special store. I rest my case.

Sascha knocked on our door before the summer. She had attended the SYSO webinar Opvallen and her webshop Liefs uit Zierikzee was ready for a major rebranding. Initially, there was only talk of a move from Wordpress to Shopify, but branding and coaching were gradually added. Everything is now over and it looks great. Ready to grow online too!

Who is Love from Zierikzee?

Sascha is the owner of concept store Liefs from Zierikzee and works together with fun entrepreneurs who make unique products or select and purchase the best products. Every corner in the stone store has been decorated with love and passion by one of the participating entrepreneurs. The webshop also existed for a while, but after the thorough restyling has been given a more important task and now connects seamlessly to the store in Zierikzee. When the high season is over and the tourists have returned home, they can still shop remotely at their favorite store.

Love from Zierikzee branding


At one branding and/or webshop project, we always have a conversation first, then an online intake (question form) and then we make a mood board. We discuss this mood board with the customer, remove what doesn't appeal and add where necessary. In the end, a nice visual starting point is created and we get to work.

The result for Liefs uit Zierikzee is a recognizable branding with a bright and cheerful color palette. The style looks a bit retro, but the use of color makes it completely 'now' and looks timeless due to the classic font.

Naturally, the company's positioning was also taken into account. What does the competitor do, how do you stand out and what makes the company unique, are just a few of the many things that are considered during a restyling/repositioning.

To give an example: Zeeland and Zierikzee are more visually present in the shop. This makes it both online and offline a place that tourists long for and the locals recognize themselves in. The store itself is also better visualized by the beautiful, new photography and offline discount cards are given to customers to visit online.

Love from Zierikzee logo

The new webshop

The brand new webshop is made with Shopify , the SaaS e-commerce solution that grows with the company and is equipped with many automatic marketing options as standard. A very flexible theme was chosen, which we could design completely according to Sascha's branding and wishes. Liefs uit Zierikzee has a very nice range, but if you visited the old webshop, you had no idea at all. For the new shop, we therefore carefully looked at how the visitor searches and the categorization has been adjusted accordingly.

Love from Zierikzee webshop

Sascha - Love from Zierikzee

We asked Sascha van Liefs from Zierikzee a few questions

Why did you start Liefs uit Zierikzee?

Because everything I like comes together in the store (and webshop). I really like customer contact. Our customers are often also tourists and you have very different conversations throughout the day. It is also a pleasure to meet nice (small Dutch) entrepreneurs at fairs who make very beautiful items that are then taken to the store and webshop by customers who are just as happy.

What do you think is the best product (category) from the range?

Oh dear do I really have to choose? I always find it very nice to get a handwritten card, so that one anyway. The candles are also really favorite with me. I wear IKKI glasses all year round. I can not live without. And the handmade ceramic lamps from Harm and Elka are also very special. They should not be missing from this list.

What made you decide to work with SYSO?

For this I have followed a webinar or small courses at various companies. At SYSO everything was clear and practical. This makes everything easy to follow and you don't lose a lot of time unnecessarily. The contact with Mariko is very pleasant and you always get a quick answer if you have any questions. 

What have you achieved as a result with your new branding so far?

The logo fits very well with our shop. I knew I wanted it different and also had a number of points that the logo had to meet, but I couldn't bring it together properly. Mariko handled that very well and created the ideal logo for us.

May we know what your future plans are?

First take a moment to reflect on all the beautiful things we have now put together. And I will continue with coaching from Mariko to bring even more attention to the store and the webshop of Liefs uit Zierikzee.

Would you recommend SYSO?

Yes without a doubt! 💙

Love from Zierikzee fireboard

Thank you Sasha

We have enjoyed working on your own unique Love from Zierikzee . It was nice to see how everything rolled out and developed and that you were open to more than just a webshop move. You now have a complete update with all the trimmings, from here you can grow much further with your company. Good luck and we keep following!

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