Casestudy: Beau accessoires branding, webshop + coaching

Case study: Beau accessories branding, webshop + coaching

Melany was one of the most diligent participants in our Content coach program. When she knocked on SYSO's door, she had already done a lot herself. She once started at Mijnwebwinkel with Beau accessories and designed her own logo. Now it was time for the next level.

We developed a brand new branding and restyled her Shopify webshop to which she moved. Subsequently we started a 1-on-1 coaching completely custom to Melany's goals.

Who is Beau Accessories?

Beau accessories is a small-scale, personal webshop, run by Melany Beaumont. Once in the shop you immediately see what her passion is: gemstones. She knows everything about it and also makes the jewelry that you will find in her shop. Are you still looking for a stone that suits you? Then you can also book a personal gemstone reading with her.

Beautiful accessories


At one branding project, we always have a conversation first, then an online intake (question form) and then we make a mood board. We discuss this mood board with the customer, remove what doesn't appeal and add where necessary. In the end, a nice visual starting point is created and we get to work.

The result for Beau accessories is a clear and natural house style that fits Melany's working method and love for nature. The twig growing from the B symbolizes the spiritual growth that you will find in the products and services of Beau accessories as a customer. During the coaching process with Melany, it became clear that gemstones and nature should predominate more. So that has been incorporated into the branding, we have made the color pink a little less bright and added a nice soft olive green.

Beau accessories rebranding logo

The new webshop

The Beau accessories webshop is made with Shopify , a great SaaS e-commerce solution that grows with the company and is equipped with many automatic marketing options as standard. Shopify's own theme has been chosen: Dawn, which we have set up completely according to the branding and wishes.

Beau accessories - Shopify webshop

Melany from Beau accessories

We asked Melany from Beau accessories a few questions

Melany has a great fascination for crystals, their affirmation, the peace and strength that the gemstones radiate. "Throughout the years during all the ups and downs that are part of my life, I kept coming back to the stones. I also combine them with a beautiful affirmation to make the magic even more powerful. And so I started to get more and more into it I became completely curious about how they work, I also started to learn more about their composition, I started reading books, and I dived deeper and deeper into the magical world of crystals," says Melany. In 2015 she opened her webshop to introduce other people to gemstones and to find their own talisman in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry or loose gemstone.

What do you think is the best product (category) from the range?

Then I choose the Wire wrap necklaces and also the Mala necklaces . Because the necklaces are very nice to make and no one is the same, they are all unique, I just bend with the thread. And I find both the wire wrapping and the mala so zen to be busy with. Then I'm really in my element.

Universal love mala

What made you decide to work with SYSO?

I have been following Mariko for a long time since the start of my business I have her book Sell your stuff online. Since then I have really become a die hard fan. I have taken many courses with Mariko and always very happy with it. When I saw her branding work I always said if I want to do a major rebranding I want it to be done by SYSO.

What have you achieved as a result with your new branding and webshop so far?

Yes I am very happy with it. Now it really feels like a professional webshop. And even my own self-confidence has grown, in the sense that I can really stand behind my webshop. Before that there were always little things that were not comfortable. My doubts are completely gone. Now I can proudly share my webshop everywhere.

May we know what your future plans are?

My future plan is to offer a more luxurious gift box. A gemstone set to do your own ritual at home in your familiar space (for example, making your own grid, self-care set, etc.). And I want a small space where people can see my creations in real life. And where I can also do the personal gemstone readings live.

Would you recommend SYSO?

Of course! I often talk about how happy I am with SYSO!

Beau accessories fire board

Thank you Melany

It was very special to see how your company transformed into what it is today. Where you are now, you did it all by yourself. You work very hard on Beau accessories and make conscious choices, so you have created your own path. You are now an inspiration to many, you can be proud of that! It is very nice to work with you, thank you for your trust and good luck with everything you will do. Luckily you are SYSO VIP , so see you soon!

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