Casestudy: Little Suzies golden ticket

Case study: Little Suzie's golden ticket

The story of Little Suzies is like a fairy tale. What once started very carefully as something small, grew into a beautiful, converting company. Like so many others, Suzanne had a dream to start her own jewelry webshop. But do that for a moment in this time!

The former Little Suzies shop was built with outdated software that was not user-friendly. She had already completed the Content coach program at SYSO, but did not get on well with the webshop she had. And so the conversation turned to a Golden ticket . Because actually Suzanne wanted everything new and different to make a smashing relaunch once and for all.

Who is Little Suzies?

Little Suzies is the webshop for earrings fans. You will find earrings, short long, gold, silver, striking or very minimalistic and everything that has to do with it. Think of jewelry trees, jewelry bowls and now also a monthly earrings subscription.

little suzie

golden ticket

Suzanne went for a Golden ticket : the complete package for a flying start.
After an intensive intake we got to work. An action plan has been made, a niche has been chosen, a one page business plan set up with a mission statement that rings true. In short: the ultimate basis for a well-running earrings webshop. After that we restyled the logo, new fresh colors were sought and a cheerful visual language was developed. The webshop was eventually built with Shopify . In the months that followed, we mapped out the coaching calls and Suzanne started working with the SYSO tools at her disposal.

Great result

The new webshop went live on 2 December. 14 days later Suzanne already had more than 1/3 of the annual turnover of the year before and the numbers are still rising.

Suzanne from Little Suzies

We asked Suzanne from Little Suzies a few questions

Why did you start Little Suzies?

Ever since I was a kid I have loved being creative and I really enjoy making things myself. When I bought a DIY bead package at a drugstore somewhere around 2008, I was completely sold and slowly others started asking if I could make something. Our son was born in 2014 and there was no time for it anymore. Our youngest son was born in 2016 and when he was about 1 year old, someone asked me if I still made bracelets. Then I thought it was time to start again and to really make it work by starting a webshop. For example, Little Suzies officially started on June 1, 2018, then with all jewelry, but now I have switched to only earrings and accessories.

What do you think is the best product from your shop?

I like the custom made earrings , making a pair of earrings completely to your liking. People can always email me if they want something changed and I will do my very best to make this possible.

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

Of course it's great fun to make jewelry, but I didn't know anything about marketing, so I needed help! At the end of 2019 someone recommended that you take a look at Sell your stuff online. The Content coach program was so different from other programs and very easy to follow. Various courses are also offered and I soon started taking them too.

I had wanted to switch to Shopify for a while because it was much easier to work with myself and at that time I was not completely satisfied with my range. After a call with Mariko at the end of 2021, it became clear to me that my range was too extensive, without focus. In the end I switched to only earrings and accessories and what a good decision this was! The complete picture has been tackled by SYSO from A to Z.

Are you happy and what have you achieved as a result with the new Little Suzies so far?

Sure!! Switching to a clearer niche was also the best choice ever. The webshop fits me perfectly and now sells so much better than before.

May we know what your future plans are?

I hope to be able to start the workshops again soon and also offer the earrings at shops and salons. In addition, I would very much like to create a bridal collection where, of course, a lot of the bride's own participation is also possible.

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👉 Prefer (also) a new webshop ?

Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?

The answer is definitely YES! You can ask anything and they will help you with everything. In addition, everything went according to plan so quickly because after the intake Mariko understands very well how someone is put together and what fits with it. The webshop was also completely to your liking. Without SYSO I certainly wouldn't have made it as far as I am now, and I've only just started my new range!

Thank you Suzanne

I thought it was a special project and have seen you blossom along the way as an entrepreneur who knows what she is doing. Your company is now rock solid and you certainly have to thank yourself for that. Because even though it wasn't an easy time for you, you put your shoulders to the wheel and went for it. Everything about your company is now correct and is a wonderful basis for continued growth in the coming years. We wish you and your beautiful family, who stand squarely behind you, much success and fun with Little Suzies!

👉 Are you also ready for a nice (re) branding ?
👉 Prefer (also) a new webshop ?