Casestudy: Daniëlle Balfoort branding + webshop

Case study: Daniëlle Balfoort branding + webshop

Daniëlle Balfoort is an embroidery artist, she makes the most beautiful objects with needle, thread, beads and sequins. Until recently, Daniëlle worked under the name Studio Up North, but that is now ancient history... 

In 2019 Danielle contacted us. Big changes were coming, so far she has done her branding and webshop herself for years and thought it was time for a professional rebranding and brand new Shopify webshop. And then you have come to the right place at Sell your stuff online. We started working on a new branding and a Shopify webshop .

Who is Danielle Balfoort?

Embroidery artist Daniëlle Balfoort creates enchanting objects with her haute couture embroidery skills that she learned in 2017 at the Royal School of Needlework in the UK. Embroidery is in her blood, just like styling and spotting special shapes and colors in nature. As a little girl she liked to make magical things from fabrics, yarn and beads, such as dresses for her dolls. Many courses and years later she now follows her heart completely with making the most wonderful embroideries. The brooches look like raw gemstones and her wall art is also one of a kind.


The result is a stylish upgrade. At the start of the project, we advised Daniëlle to start working under her own name in order to underline her artistry. 'Studio' no longer covered the load and Up North, Daniëlle no longer lives there either. Time for a new course as ' Daniëlle Balfoort ', which is a beautiful name and immediately felt good. We linked the logo and house style to this idea. A timeless and stylish presentation as a result, completely in line with the embroidery art of Daniëlle.

The webshop is with e-commerce software Shopify is built and grows with the needs of the business. Once set up, maintenance is simple and Daniëlle can adjust and maintain the shop herself.

We asked Daniëlle Balfoort a few questions

Why did you start Danielle Balfoort?

I started the website because I want to tell stories with my embroidery and show what haute couture embroidery is all about.

What do you think is the best product from your shop?

The work Future from the Transformation series, due to the different combinations of materials and layers.

What made you decide to have your branding and webshop made online by Sell your stuff?

I've been following Mariko since her webshop Applepiepieces and I've followed the insta followers course. I really like the way Mariko communicates and shares valuable information. The whole process from inspiration board to end product went smoothly and Mariko converted my ideas into a website with shop in a very cool way.

What have you achieved as a result of the new webshop so far?

Many enthusiastic reactions and purchases of brooches.

May we know what your future plans are?

Yes, I have a lot of plans, but first of all there will be more wall art in the webshop, but also other accessories such as scarves and hats. With my newsletter I want to inspire people with new work and where my work will be shown. In the future I will also explain more embroidery techniques by means of videos.

👉 Are you also ready for a nice (re) branding ?
👉 Prefer (also) a new webshop ?

Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?

Yes absolutely! In the past I had a website built by another party, but I really missed the thinking, explanation and service. That is important to me and that the explanation of my ideas about what the site should radiate is properly translated. I am also very happy with my new logo and it was Mariko who indicated that it would be good if I would use my own name for my company. Exciting but also very glad I did!

Is there anything else you would like to know. Any tips for other entrepreneurs/pioneers?

Don't give up, take a long breath and tell everyone about your work. Especially with the niche I'm in, it's important to get out there and find people who can help you further with promoting your work.

Thank you Danielle

What a beautiful assignment this was. Thank you for this and also for your trust, it is so nice to see that it works and that the house style has become your own. It was a very nice project to work on. Good luck with making the beautiful works of art under your own beautiful name Daniëlle Balfoort . We follow!

👉 Are you also ready for a nice (re) branding ?
👉 Prefer (also) a new webshop ?