Casestudy: Ik miauw van jou branding

Case Study: I Meow Your Branding

Owner Lieke has a big heart for cats and a sharp eye for the most beautiful scratching furniture, design houses, hippest food bowls and luxurious toys. Her webshop is full of it and she has been working with it for quite a few years.

After a few years, Lieke decided it was time for a new look and so she came to SYSO with the question whether we wanted to restyle her company. Of course you don't have to ask us twice, so we were happy to get started.

About I meow from you

I meow yours offers a carefully chosen selection of unique products and accessories for cats from the most beautiful designer brands from countries around the world. At this shop you can find lifestyle products that, in addition to being fun for your cat, are also a real addition to your interior. Cat happy, you happy!


With a branding project we always first have a conversation, then an online intake (question form) and then we make a mood board. We discuss this mood board with the customer, remove what is less appealing and add where necessary. Ultimately, a nice visual starting point is created and we get to work.

The result for I meow from you is a cheerful and very recognizable style that fits nicely with the design products and the humor of cats. The logo is tiny and still recognizable and legible, and the color variations allow Lieke to use the branding widely. It is already very nice to see how that happens on Instagram for example!

Love from I meow from you

We asked Lieke van Ik meauw a few questions from you

Why did you start I meow of you?

After a number of reorganisations at work, in addition to space and time, the idea arose to set up a webshop, of course in combination with my love for cats. With a family, three cats of their own and with some regularity also kittens from the animal shelter, it remains a daily challenge to keep your house tidy as well as cozy. And with its own (furry) collection of baskets, scratching furniture and litter boxes that were often not quite my taste, the idea was soon born. I wanted beautiful, hip, design stuff that, in addition to being fun for your cat, also complements your interior. A beautiful crocheted cat bed that will shine beautifully on your windowsill, a beautiful scratching furniture or a design litter box that you don't have to hide in a corner. It makes me happy!

What do you think is the best product (category) from the range?

Quite a difficult question, because I actually only buy products that make me very happy! Vivipet brand is one of my favorite brands. They have a super nice collection of drinking and feeding bowls for your cat, but also bowls, plates and cups in the same catty style that the cat staff can also use to eat breakfast or put it on the coffee table. All in the same beautiful and soft pastel colours.

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

I opened the digital duration of my webshop in 2017 and after four years I was no longer completely happy with the appearance of my webshop. The wow factor of the website was a bit off for me, despite the fact that I still regularly received very nice compliments. So time for something new! I had known SYSO for years. In fact, I started thinking about my plans and writing my business plan at the time with the help of Mariko's book (#webshopbijbel). In addition, I regularly saw very nice examples of rebranding , so that was actually just like 1+1 for me.

Are you happy and what have you achieved as a result with your new branding so far?

I had a pretty good idea of ​​what I liked, only the translation to the final result has made Mariko really good. The new logo (cute!) together with the new pay off also mean that I can really give Ik meauw van you a face on, for example, the social platforms. And now the compliments are pouring in, so super happy!

Would you recommend SYSO?

Yes, both for the starting web shops and for the shops that have been on their way for a while. Mariko has all the skills you need as a webshop owner; the experience, the creativity, the know-how. In addition, she is a pleasant person to work with.

I meow from your brand board

Thank you Lieke

We enjoyed working on your new logo and branding, not least because we are big cat fans ourselves ;-) It was great fun to create a unique face for your webshop. You now have a recognizable and more personal style that matches your beautiful, unique design products. We wish you a lot of success and fun with I meow from you and we will of course continue to follow!

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