Casestudy: De kleine lama branding

Case Study: The Little Llama Branding

Webshop The little lama arose a few years ago from a personal need for sustainable products. It is a nice place with many beautiful brands where you can go to as a conscious parent. In a short period of time, this company grew considerably and that is often accompanied by the need for a new branding.

Rachelle is no stranger to SYSO and has been doing our Content coach program and the Instagram course for some time . When the time had come for a restyling, we also knocked on our door. And so it was with great pleasure that we started working on a new branding for De kleine lama.

Who is The Little Llama?

The little lama is a small and personal webshop, run from home by Rachelle and Folker. They carefully select all products and pay particular attention to the absence of harmful substances. In the assortment of De kleine lama you will therefore only find quality products that are completely safe for health.


With a branding project we always first have a conversation, then an online intake (question form) and then we make a mood board. We discuss this mood board with the customer, remove what is not very appealing and add where necessary. Ultimately, a nice visual starting point is created and we get to work.

The result for De kleine llama is a brand new llama illustration/brand icon in subtler colors that harmoniously complement each other. It was clear that another llama had to come. We also immediately felt that the llama should be given a greater role in marketing and communication. By giving the llama a stylistic and more graceful design, it became more mature in design, more exclusive in style and acquired a proud appearance.

The Little Llama

We asked Rachelle from The Little Llama a few questions

Why did you start The Little Llama?

Our oldest daughter was born with a cleft lip, jaw and cleft palate. Because this did not occur in our families, I participated in a scientific study into possible causes of this and had to fill in which care products I used during pregnancy. That made me curious… What is in my shower gel or deodorant that could not have been good for my unborn baby? So I did my own research and was shocked by what I found. We are not well protected against potentially harmful ingredients at all, not even here in the Netherlands! There is often a limit to how much of a hormone-disrupting or carcinogenic substance may be in something. But this does not take into account how many different products you use throughout a day and how many of those substances you eventually put on your skin or ingest. And what I also learned is how harmful these ingredients are for the environment. This was reason enough for me to start making healthier choices for ourselves, for us only non-toxic care products!

Now I must honestly say that the period surrounding our daughter's operations has been quite difficult for me. I was through it and needed something to focus on that would give me energy again. I decided to make the products that passed my inspection easier to find for others, because figuring that out turned out to be quite a task! I want to provide information, work on awareness and immediately help others to make healthier choices. For themselves, their (unborn) children and the environment. That became The Little Llama, initially a hobby project with only non-toxic care products. Just next to my part-time job as a psychologist.

It is now quite a serious webshop with quite a few different products, if I do say so myself 😉 Still next to my job as a psychologist, because I like that way too much to stop. I think I just like to help people, in all kinds of different ways. So that's the short answer to the question, haha.

What do you think is the best product (category) from your range?

What a difficult question! I only buy things that make me happy. In my opinion, care products are the most important product category, there is so much to discover there. But I think I like the wooden toys from Grapat the most. That is not only non-toxic and natural, but also directly affects my work as a psychologist. I truly believe that children can develop creatively and express themselves through free play.

What made you decide to engage Sell your stuff online?

I missed the right look and feel for my webshop, it had grown out of the homemade jacket. I've been following Sell your stuff for a while and saw the most beautiful branding projects from others. I wanted that too! And it immediately felt good with Mariko, she is a real professional and knew how to connect well with what I had in mind.

What have you achieved with your new branding so far?

A very nice webshop of course 😊 Not only do I think it is beautiful myself, but I also believe that it fits well with my target group. In concrete terms, I see this reflected in the fact that the conversion value has increased somewhat since our new branding.

May we know what your future plans are?

Sure! We will soon be moving to a house a bit more outside, with lots of outdoor space and even a meadow. Alpacas (little llamas!) and some chickens come in there. I think that would be great for our kids! And the best part is that next to that house there is an outbuilding for The Little Llama. In this way we can organize our packaging processes much more efficiently than here at home (products are really everywhere now…) and we could even hire someone to help out every now and then. So it literally gives room for growth.

The Little Llama rebranding

Thank you Rachelle

What a fun project this was, it was with great pleasure that we dived into your company to bring out the new llama. I really enjoyed illustrating again and I am very happy that a logo has emerged that you can use for years to come. I often see The Little Llama passing through my Instagram timeline and then see that the complete picture is right like a bus. You happy, we happy! We wish you a lot of success and fun with the wonderful venture The Little Llama. Thank you for the order and enjoy the journey!

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