Casestudy: Echtgordijn branding + huisstijl

Case study: Real curtain branding + corporate identity

Buying curtains should be easy, fun and affordable, that is the mission of Echt curtain. And SYSO was allowed to make that even better visual by means of a restyling. Are you watching?

You can request free samples from Echt curtain to see and feel the fabric beforehand. If desired, you will also be advised online about the method of hanging and folding. This makes online curtain shopping as good as a real experience. And that's great because it allows Echt Curtain to charge competitive prices. This is also because they purchase the substances as much as possible from the producers themselves. In short, a great quality company that was ready for a professional rebranding by SYSO last year.

Real curtain Instagram

With a branding project we always first have a conversation, then an online intake (question form) and then we make a mood board. We discuss this mood board with the customer, remove what is less appealing and add where necessary. Ultimately, a nice visual starting point is created and we get to work.


The result for Echt Curtain is a fresh new logo, color palette, brand board and in this case supplemented with a number of house style elements such as a series of custom icons, an A6 card, envelope, website layout, newsletter template and e-mail signature.

Real curtain logo restyling

We asked Anita van Echt curtain a few questions

What do you think is the best product (category) from your range?

My preference is for (Belgian) Linen . An honest product with a nice irregular structure. Of course not cheap, but then you have a product from our region! We have that inbetween fabrics and denser curtain fabrics.

Curtains made to measure

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

The previous version of logo and site was very much 'homemade/invented'. And that was fine, but I thought it was about time to have someone with a graphic background look at it. The goal was not a metamorphosis but a logically fresh/modern sequel a la 2022. It is very difficult to articulate what you want/don't want very concretely, but the feeling was actually very good from the first design!

Are you happy and what have you achieved as a result with your new branding so far?

Yes, the appearance of the website and the additional house style, etc., is now much more attuned and also really fresher! I want the not too light 'girly' look, and a little more color, and that turned out nicely. Some adjustments have been made along the way, but I think the original look & feel has remained intact. We can now continue to develop certain parts ourselves. This works fine with the help of the brand board made by SYSO.

May we know what your future plans are?

Working on images behind the fabrics and using email marketing further/more.

Would you recommend SYSO?

Yes, I definitely recommend SYSO!

Real curtain brand board

Thank you!

Mark and I have been working on this with great pleasure. We were able to immerse ourselves quickly because you already knew very well what you wanted . Thanks to your critical view and openness, we have arrived at an end result that you are super satisfied with and that is exactly what it is all about! You happy, we happy. Good luck with your refreshed and radiant new Real Curtain that you can use for years to come!

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