Casestudy: Studio Ins & Outs branding

Case study: Studio Ins & Outs branding

Last year Irene approached us for the rebranding of her company. She has been making her way with the cheerful Studio Ins & Outs for a while and was ready for a completely new vibe. Happy, accessible, tight, atmospheric but without too much fuss, not too 'baby-like' and more mature was the wish. Studio Ins & Outs must be a really catchy brand. The go-to in the rather saturated world of fill-in books. Standing out and above all being your own is a MUST!
What a wonderful assignment! Nice and clear and to the point we started working with our team with the brand new branding and here you see the result.

Who is Studio ins & outs?

This is Irene, the face behind Studio Ins & Outs, mother of two kids and married to Italian Remondo. Irene loves cheerfulness and color and designs all the products you find in her shop herself. They are mainly stylish and timeless fill-in books for later that you follow your kids with as they grow. This will capture all the memories so you can keep the fleeting childhood with you forever.

Studio Ins & Outs


The result is a recognizable, unique and lively house style that can have a lot of variation, which is useful for flexible use at product level. In addition to the logo, logos, a pattern and a beautifully diverse color palette have been developed. Irene was very surprised and is still very happy with the result. She cleverly applies it to her fast-growing product range. It's great fun to see how something takes on a life of its own.

Studio Ins & Outs branding

We asked Irene a few questions

What is your nicest, most beautiful, most special product from the shop?

The Yearbook ! This book is truly unique, never existed anywhere and is suitable for a large target group. It stands for what my company stands for: capturing the most beautiful moments in an accessible way. Every time a Yearbook is ordered, my heart skips a beat!

What made you decide to have your branding and makeover done by selling your stuff online?

I saw the new branding of a friend's brand (Little Elephant). And then I thought: I want that too! You know it's important to have good branding, but making sure you have one is another matter. After years of messing around, we decided to outsource it.

What have you achieved with your new branding so far?

The new branding suits me so well that it immediately inspired me to further expand my company. I never fully supported what it was like. But Mariko has understood exactly what suits me and what I want to stand for. Due to the new branding, the current range no longer matched what I wanted to radiate. As a result, everything in the webshop has been given a major makeover. Since then, the company has grown enormously. It suits me better, but also my target audience!

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May we know what your future plans are?

A lot has happened within a year since the rebranding. Studio Ins & Outs now has its own building in Nunspeet and my husband Remondo has quit his job to strengthen me. In the coming years we will further expand the range of books. With us you will find everything to make your fill-in book a real gem. Think for example of s ticker sheets, quote cards, backgrounds and washi tapes. There is also a master plan for 2 years and one in 5 years. We're going for it!

Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?

Yes! It is an investment that pays for itself twice over. I haven't regretted turning on Sell your stuff online for a second. And I am extremely proud of what Studio Ins & Outs radiates. 

Studio Ins & Outs brand board

Thank you Irene

For the great assignment and your confidence in Sell your stuff online. It was a super fun job to transform Studio Ins & Outs into what it is today. Lots of luck, fun and success with your beautiful, new & improved brand!

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