Casestudy: Koek & Kruimels branding + webshop

Case study: Koek & Kruimels branding + webshop

Rianne is a boss in baking vegan goodies and has been selling her cakes for a number of years with great success at fun markets and online under the name 'Bijzonder Lekker Gebak' . Live it flies wonderfully over the counter, but online it unfortunately went a little less fast until recently . Time for branding and a new shop and that's how the sisters Rianne and Greet ended up at Sell your stuff online.

We helped think about a new, suitable name, developed a brand new branding and moved the webshop to a new, converting Shopify . If you see the branding you can probably guess that I (Mariko) worked on this. We have Mark in house for the more corporate and tighter work :)

Who is/are Koek & Kruimels?

Koek & Kruimels consists of Rianne and Greet, two sisters. Their mission is to make vegan pastries the norm. Their cakes are vegetable, traditional and handmade. The ingredients are local, organic and/or Fairtrade as much as possible. The cakes are large and just fit in a festive box through the letterbox!

Cookie & Crumbs instagram


At one branding project, we also always look at the current market. Which competitors are there and what are they doing? It is important for a brand not to resemble its competitor. Through a brand master plan we find out the goal, target group, mission, vision and core values ​​and we then incorporate them into the new branding. In short, that is how you give a love brand charge. And that has ensured that Koek & Kruimels has the current name, shape and colors.

As you can see, we have kept the cookie from the old logo. It is on a 'craft' seal that appears on all products by way of 'approval'. The color palette is cheerful and striking and... in communication, the cakes sometimes get their own personality through drawn faces and statements. All these elements ensure that Koek & Kruimels has the perfect foundation for a true love brand .

Cookie & crumbs restyling

The new webshop

The Koek & Kruimels webshop is made with Shopify , a great SaaS e-commerce solution that grows with the company and is equipped with many automatic marketing options as standard. We opted for an extensive and flexible theme that allowed us to go in all directions. For example, the shop has a running 'ticker' with passing cookies and logos, a handy countdown timer and beautifully laid out pages where the different colors of the branding could be used well.

Cookie & Crumbs Shopify website

Cookie & Crumbs

We asked Rianne and Greet from Koek & Kruimels a few questions

What is your own favorite from Koek & crumbs?

Rianne: Artisan Apple , I often change my favorite, usually this is the newest flavor, it is still 'new' and because I haven't eaten it much yet. But now apple pie is my favorite for a long time, I recently adjusted it and now it has a real apple filling! & Greet: Fresh Raspberry , this one is so nice and fresh and sour & then also creamy on the inside.

Greet's favorite

Cookie & Crumbs cookie

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

I (Rianne) had been looking for different solutions for the problems I was experiencing with my old website for some time. I had built this myself on the basis of YouTube videos and every time there was something with it. Several times I rebuilt the site but unfortunately the problems did not go away. After being a VIP for a month, I decided that I wanted to have my website built by SYSO. After talking to Mariko, we quickly decided to also design the branding, a new name and a logo. With Koek & Kruimels as the final result.

What have you achieved as a result with the new branding and webshop so far?

There had been an idea in my head for some time that I wanted a different feel to my products and site, but I didn't come up with it myself. Mariko will then really talk to you, come up with examples and let you look out-of-the-box. This is not always what you immediately thought of, but this is how you break free from your own tunnel vision. Each time Mariko also had a complete overview of her thoughts in the process, which also gave us the opportunity to grow along with the process.
The feeling that is formed by our new logo, the use of color and the site has now really become our basis, our brand. Finally we have the drive to work out new plans and ideas and really go for it with Koek & Kruimels!

May we know what are the future plans?

This year we want to focus on more online growth and our brand awareness. And in the following years on stable sales of our products. Hopefully we can open a bakery within the next 5 years. A physical location, wow!

Would you recommend SYSO?

Certainly! Mariko really understands her profession, she thinks along and is very enthusiastic. As a result, you also touch that more yourself and therefore you see the opportunities that are available more quickly. Mariko also likes to share her knowledge, you can spar with her and you notice that she has the best interests at heart. All this ensured that we looked forward to her conversations and had a very nice collaboration. Thanks Marika!

Cake & Crumbs brand board

Thank you Rianne and Greet!

First of all, thank you for your trust and commitment! At the intake I could already see it all in front of me, and because you gave us free rein, we could go wild. As a result, something has been created that really suits you and with which you yourself have started working with pleasure. From day one you yourself brought the surf to life and that was really great to see. I'm sure that in a few years we can come and buy the cakes in your dream shop in the heart of Dordt. We will probably still be in touch in the meantime, but see you then! Have fun and good luck with your delicious Koek & Kruimels!

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