Alles over de gift guide voor je webshop + walk through video

Everything about the gift guide for your webshop + walk through video

Gift guides are our favorite and I often recommend this option because it just works. A gift guide is a category in which you place products that match the subject, for example Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas gift ideas.

A larger gift guide can consist of several categories so that the customer immediately finds his or her way to gifts for grandma, stepmother, mom to be, the romantic, stylish, fashionable, sweetest, tough, travel-loving or sporty mother. With this you remove the stress from the customer, you make it easy for him or her and yet it feels like a personal choice (which has a positive effect on purchasing behaviour). Moreover, a well-designed gift guide is also very good for your SEO (Google ranking) - which is always important, not just during the holidays.

What a gift guide in your webshop looks like

If you don't have an idea of ​​a gift guide yet, here are a few starters and below a lot of links for inspiration.

Goop is the Gift Guide Queen

Goop has been doing a really good job for years with their Holiday Gift Guides , offering many different imaginative categories. For example, how about:

Typo also turns it into a hysterical party: Typo Christmas Shop

How do you make a gift guide?

This is of course different for every webshop system. But the bottom line here is that you create a new category for a simple gift guide and place the recommended products in it. You can see how you can do that quickly with Shopify here in this handy walk through.

SYSO is a Shopify partner and expert. In our opinion, Shopify is the best choice to start your own professional webshop.

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Editorial gift guides

Then there are also countless editorial gift guides in which you can appear as a shop with a product. Here are some examples of those editorial gift guides:

Examples of webshops with gift guides

Make 'a December to remember'

Now that we're on the subject of holidays. Pack orders, send them, put together the new collection, purchase, place new products online, launch, promote, talk to customers and eat sleep repeat. It is logical that besides running your business you have little or no time to deal with the upcoming holidays. Let alone find out the current trends and opportunities. Wouldn't it be great if all this was sorted out for you. Come to my webinar where you will receive a handy easy step-by-step plan from me.

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