35 tijdbesparende tips voor (webwinkel)ondernemers

35 time-saving tips for entrepreneurs

As an online/webshop entrepreneur, you wish the day had a lot more hours than that rotten 24. And worse, some people seem to be able to move mountains in as much time as you… I know, I tell from my own work.

Until 5 years ago. I accidentally found the infographic below with 35 habits of the most productive people. 35 habits in the field of technology, clothing, hacks, body, planning, food and mind. Really worth studying, because there are certainly some habits that appeal to you.

Surprisingly enough, I have been applying all tech tips for years, I often mind map, there is an idea dump book next to my bed, I now (!) plan everything and we eat as healthy as possible here. But every now and then I pick it up again and to check what I can save some time with.

The best tips

The best tips that I have extracted from the infographic myself include:

  • treat your time like it's money (dot #1)
  • sleep more, you get more done
  • prioritize one thing a day (multitasking is so 2005)
  • the 80/20 rule, I'll take a closer look

What I do not completely agree with is 'do the easiest things first', I often prefer to do the hardest things first. Then you've had that. By the way, a tight daily schedule is one of my own time-saving secrets ;-)

time-saving tips for entrepreneurs source: Entrepreneur

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