Casestudy: Moms & mini's branding

Case Study: Moms & Minis Branding

Pascalle has been working on her for a while, we know her from her first fashion company NoaNora, which has since been sold (partly due to our Webwinkelmakelaar service). After NoaNora, Pascalle was able to focus on her current passion: children's clothing and beautiful prints. And how! Company Moms & Minis has grown rapidly in the past two years and the most beautiful designs come from her sleeve. We would like to take you along...

As I mentioned earlier, we had known each other for a while when Pascalle asked me if we wanted to take care of the branding of her new company. Please of course! And so we started with great pleasure with a new branding .

Who is Moms & Minis?

Moms & mini's is a children's clothing label with the space to also market designs for 'moms'. While running NoaNora, Pascalle had the opportunity to design and produce his own children's clothing line. That's how she found out that her heart was there and Moms & Mini's started.

Clothing from Moms & mini's is unique, slightly different and of good quality. All items of the clothing line designed by Pascalle last a very long time and are also fairly produced.


With a branding project we always first have a conversation, then an online intake (question form) and then we make a mood board. We discuss this mood board with the customer, remove what is not very appealing and add where necessary. Ultimately, a nice visual starting point is created and we get to work.

The result for Moms & mini's is a timeless and versatile house style. The logo and brand icon have a classic design, so that you can actually go in all directions with the color palette.

In the brand board you can see that two years ago we proposed a very bright color palette. Pascalle has recently adjusted the house style colors. She has done this very consistently and it works very well. So you see how functional a seemingly simple black and white logo can be!

Moms & mini's is rock solid and it proves that two years after delivery. It is always so nice to see how an entrepreneur finds his or her way in the branding and becomes completely his own with the jacket that we have been allowed to design!

Pascalle from Moms & minis

We asked Pascalle from Moms & mini's a few questions

What do you think is the best product from your shop?

Oops, because I make everything by hand and choose the fabrics myself from the suppliers, I really like all items from the webshop. I often have a period when I have made something new that is my favorite. At the moment the newborn pants & hat 'To the moon' are so cute!

What made you decide to engage Sell your stuff online?

At the time I was in trouble with myself and my previous company, Mariko helped me a lot to sort things out by asking the right questions that made this clear. I also sold my previous webshop through the Webshopmakelaar. Partly because of those great experiences, I immediately called in Mariko for a logo and corporate identity when Moms & Mini's started .

What have you achieved as a result of the new branding so far?

I am often told that the overall picture is correct. The logo suits my target group and the colors of the website & social media are completely coordinated. This was also partly developed by a website builder, so that the house style has changed slightly, but the basis has remained the same. I can now draw the same line everywhere and it all fits together.

May we know what your future plans are?

Certainly! My future plans still want to change but at the moment I see myself working on Moms & Minis for years to come. There are still many items that I would like to develop for Moms & Minis, which will expand the range. Furthermore, Moms & Mini's can now be found in 3 cool concept stores and this may of course be even more!

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Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?

I would definitely recommend Sell your stuff online. I have done a number of courses and am still working on 2 courses. What I like is that you have everything online and you can continue at any time without feeling pressure, so I can do everything when there is time for it.

Furthermore, I am very happy with the development of my logo, I only answered some questions with how I envisioned my company and this is the result! That's super cool isn't it?!

What is your golden tip for other entrepreneurs?

Do what makes you happy and never give up!

Thank you Pascale

It was a very nice project and after such a long time we still look back on it with great pleasure. It's great to see how you feel so at home with Moms & mini's, the fun radiates from it. And that is what sets a good company apart from the rest: a good product, a clear presentation and above all a lot of fun! Thank you for your trust and good luck with your beautiful Moms & Minis !

👉 Are you also ready for a nice (re) branding ?
👉 Prefer (also) a new webshop ?