Casestudy: Beadies Amsterdam branding + webshop

Case study: Beadies Amsterdam branding + webshop

If you have been in the jewelry industry for years (Applepiepieces, sold in 2017), this assignment is really a trip down memory lane. Because at Beadies you will find it all: thousands of beads, pendants, charms, threads, clasps and so much more to make your own jewelry. And don't feel like DIY? Then choose one of the Beadies jewelry that is made with care and an eye for style.

When I first spoke to co-owner Gudrun, the shop was almost literally bursting at the seams. It was clearly time for a webshop move to Shopify and renewal. Mark mainly worked on the rebranding of the logo. He has a nose for restyling and the more corporate and tighter work.

Who is/are Beadies?

Beadies Amsterdam was founded on July 21, 1998, with Nanette Koenen and Gudrun Simhoffer opening the doors of their first store in the charming 9-streets, located in the bustling center of Amsterdam. What started as a specialized store in the sale of loose beads quickly grew into a success story with the introduction of a handmade and self-designed jewelery collection under the Beadies Amsterdam brand. The collection became extremely popular. The opening of a second store in the heart of Utrecht followed within a short time. Nowadays, Beadies not only offers beads and accessories, but also beautiful bags, scarves, cufflinks and other fashion accessories.

Beadies Amsterdam


At SYSO, we really enjoy setting up a brand from scratch, but rebranding is at least as much fun because so much is already available. If a brand already has a large name recognition and fan base, it is important to maintain the recognisability as much as possible. That's exactly what we did at love brand Beadies.

The logo is designed in such a way that it is still small and legible. The shape is now more compact and logical and the icon with the B is also simpler and tighter. The old logo had a very generic font, something more unique has been found for this and has also been custom adapted so that it is completely Beadies-own. It was important that the logo be timeless and above all established, something that fits the Amsterdam location and above all does not go along with a hype. Ultimately, all these elements have ensured that Beadies has the perfect foundation of a real love fire .

Beadies Amsterdam logo restyling

The new webshop

The Beadies webshop is made with Shopify , a great SaaS e-commerce solution that grows with the company and is equipped with many automatic marketing options as standard. An extensive theme has been chosen especially for large collections of a good theme house and a number of useful apps. Filtering can be done in various ways, so that the customer can easily find his way through the thousands of products. For example, it is very convenient to shop by color, DIY packages can be ordered and there are automatic gift vouchers. The design of the shop is calm in order to do justice to the products as best as possible. Moreover, the shop is available in Dutch, German and English to enable growth beyond the national border.

Beadies webshop before and after


We asked Gudrun from Beadies a few questions

What is your own favourite?

Gudrun: "Actually, I'm a fan of all our products, but if I had to choose one, it would be the bracelets collection. It's still fun to choose the most beautiful materials, such as semi-precious stones and pearls, of which we then make different designs. We love rather in color and you can see that in most bracelets. You can endlessly combine bracelets with each other. I like a wrist that is nicely filled with bracelets in which there is an alternation of link bracelets with beaded bracelets and bracelets made of semi-precious stones ."

Beaded bracelets

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

Mariko is clear, fast and as a customer you know exactly where you stand. Mariko delivers what you promise. What was decisive is that there is a very good understanding of “what the intention is”. And Mariko can put herself in the shoes of the other.

What have you achieved as a result with the new branding and webshop so far?

The branding took some time because we were so used to our old house style. We are very happy with the result, our logo now feels familiar and it is so much better. The webshop runs smoothly and is very user-friendly.

May we know what are the future plans?

Grow online abroad!

Would you recommend SYSO?

Yes, I definitely recommend SYSO.

Beadies Amsterdam

Thank you Beadies!

It was so nice to work for you and how nice that we were able to convince you of a branding restyling. There is now a brand that is even better now and with which you can go ahead for years to come. It was so nice to see that the webshop immediately became 'own' after the move, as if it had never been any different. When that happens, we know it's good. We wish you lots of fun and success with, also across the border!

Happlify, your happy shopping guide

Such a beautiful shop should of course not be missing from the nicest happy shopping guide in the Netherlands and Belgium: Happlify! And so Beadies got a nice spot.

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