Casestudy: Boef & Aap branding + webshop

Case study: Boef & Aap branding + webshop

aanWebshop Boef & Aap is a webshop and place of inspiration. You will find developmentally oriented creative material and toys to let 'stubborn and adventurous' children discover their talent. The statement of Boef & Aap : "A child who is allowed to be himself, who feels happy, who is proud of himself and who radiates. A child who marvels at the world around him."

Miranda had been thinking about this idea for a while when she knocked on the door of Sell your stuff online. We were asked if we could help her with a brand new branding and a complete Shopify webshop. And or! We started working on a new branding and a Shopify webshop .

Who is Boef & Aap?

Miranda Duijndam is a creative inspirer with the mission to let every child develop his or her talent. Miranda studied Creative Therapy as a social pedagogical employee and manager in childcare. She is the mother of three tough boys and now also the proud owner of the creative and adventurous webshop Boef en Aap.


The result is a nice stubborn, super recognizable branding and smoothly functioning Shopify webshop. The three crooks and monkeys secretly symbolize Miranda's sons and all have their own adventurous and/or stubborn expression. Nice elements to play with in visual communication, something that Miranda has already made her own.

The webshop is with e-commerce software Shopify is built and grows with the needs of the business. Once set up, maintenance is simple and the shop itself can be adjusted and maintained.

Boef & Aap is unique in its kind and is now firmly established to occupy a nice place on the market. Miranda does that with her participation in the Content coach program and some additional SYSO tools .

Crook & Monkey

We asked Miranda van Boef & Aap a few questions

Why did you start Boef & Aap?

I started Boef en Aap because I want every child to be able to discover his or her talent. I believe that a child who has discovered his or her talent (unconsciously) has a foundation that he or she can rely on for the rest of his or her life in good and bad times. Together with other adults who find the development of a child important, I want to go on an adventure, so that children are fully inspired and stimulated to be busy in various creative forms, both indoors and outdoors. Boef en Aap is convinced that children who are allowed to be themselves will feel confident, live happier and more carefree, be proud of themselves and be able to shine, so that they will inspire others and wonder about the world to around. I believe this can be achieved through creative and adventurous play in an inspiring environment.

What do you think is the best product from your shop?

I really like the tool belts with real children's tools. As a child you immediately feel very cool with a tool belt, the child can playfully discover how much fun it is to work with your hands. With real tools for children, a child is challenged to make a serious piece of work or construction. In addition, a child learns to deal with dangers, creativity is stimulated and it increases self-confidence.

What made you decide to have your branding and webshop made online by Sell your stuff?

I came across SYSO via social media and started following Mariko's Q&As in the Facebook insiders group. I immediately had a good feeling with Mariko and was pleased that she could offer a complete package. Both the website and the branding. But I also started following SYSO's content coaching program. This complete picture ensures that I can step into the world with my mission and company with a certain feeling.

May we know what your future plans are?

At the moment I mainly write blog articles to inspire parents and adults working with children, in addition we sell supporting articles to stimulate creative and adventurous play. It is my mission to let every child develop their talent through creative and adventurous play. The online store is a means that takes a step in this, but I hope to find collaborations with others who want to work with me to achieve my mission. My first next step is to make Boef en Aap an online community, but the possibilities to achieve my mission are endless and I can't even see it myself.

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Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?

Absolutely, beforehand I had the wish that Boef en Aap's house style would suit me as a person. Creative, stubborn and adventurous. See for yourself, I think it worked!

Is there anything else you would like to know. Any tips for other entrepreneurs/pioneers?

I recommend that you first take a good look at the 'why' of your company. What is the reason you do what you do. So that you can then reflect this in your image of your company. Mariko and her team ultimately know how to translate this into branding like no other.

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Thank you Miranda

Thank you for your trust in us. We received cart blanche from you, which allowed us to give free rein to our creativity. It was a great fun project that we look back on with great pleasure. We wish you a lot of fun and success with your super cool Boef & Aap. We follow!

👉 Are you also ready for a nice (re) branding ?
👉 Prefer (also) a new webshop ?