Casestudy: Ivy & Loulou branding, webshop + packaging

Case study: Ivy & Loulou branding, webshop + packaging

This time a nice extensive case study, and to think that it is not even complete yet. The packaging is still being printed as we speak. This case study is about Ivy & Loulou , a new natural play makeup brand that primarily targets children. SYSO was brought in to build the brand from scratch. Now I think almost all projects we are allowed to do are a party, but this was literally one, complete with confetti, bright colors and a very cheerful logo!

It did take a while, especially since the product was put together from scratch by owners Rachelle and Folker. The make-up itself had to be 'mess free' on all fronts, as did the packaging (paper). Of course, everything must first be extensively tested and inspected before it can be used can enter the market. Believe me, a lot of lab sessions precede that.

SYSO was allowed to work on the design of the branding , webshop and all packaging design. We also thought about the name of the brand 'Ivy & Loulou' and the color names of the first four products: Moonlight silver, Fairydust gold, Lollypop pink and Butterfly blue.

Who is Ivy & Loulou?

Ivy & Loulou make-up is 100% natural and vegan and contains no chemicals, microplastics or allergens. The brand new brand believes that play makeup should be absolutely safe to use, so your child can have fun without you having to worry about ingredients. You can read the reasons behind this in detail on the Ivy & Loulou about page .

Ivy & Loulou Instagram


After determining the core values, the target group and the goal of the brand, the branding project was started. As indicated above, we have worked hard on the name of the brand. What you should think about when choosing a business name can be read here: 6 Tips for choosing a good business name .

After finding the name and analyzing the market, the design process has started. The logo is playfully designed with a lot of color variation and minimalistic characters that can be found throughout the branding. They jump around happily in the webshop, as animation on social media and also on the packaging.

Ivy & Loulou sales sheet


We were also asked to develop the packaging for this brand. First the four small paper jars and now various package packaging has been made, which I would like to show you as soon as possible. If a package is small, then the puzzle for the designer is big and so is this case. There is so much mandatory information that you have to process, that there is a good chance that the function 'overwhelms' the form, as it were. Fortunately, Mark has expertly solved the puzzle and the packaging is piece by piece gems.

Online store

A new brand naturally includes a website, and in this case a webshop. One that works for both consumers (B2C) and purchasing retailers (B2B). That can be easily arranged with Shopify and a good app. The webshop is of course completely designed in the cheerful branding and is easy to use for Rachelle and Folker.

Ivy & Loulou webshop - Sell your stuff online
The Little Llama

We asked Rachelle and Folker from Ivy & Loulou a few questions

Why did you start Ivy & Loulou?

Our hearts have been beating faster for years about beautiful, natural products for families with (young) children. We have noticed that not everything we are looking for can be found, or that what is already on the market does not quite meet the quality or standard you would expect from a sustainable and natural product. So we decided to develop these products ourselves under our own brand. We started with what makes the most sense with two young daughters: natural play makeup!

What do you like best about your products?

That we show that sustainable and natural can also be fun! The branding of Ivy & Loulou really radiates that.

Ivy & Loulou children's makeup

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

When starting up your own brand, a lot is involved and SYSO offers a complete package. We were not only helped with the branding, but also with coming up with names, building our Shopify webshop, the design of our packaging and we received a lot of valuable marketing tips. In addition, we have worked with Mariko before, and are very satisfied with what came out of her creative brain at the time. So the choice for SYSO was quickly made.

Are you happy and what have you achieved as a result with the new brand so far?

We've really only just started launching Ivy & Loulou, and it's already being very well received! So we are certainly happy with the first results and will continue with confidence.

May we know what the future plans of Ivy & Loulou are?

The natural play makeup line will probably be expanded a bit. We also want to develop other collections, plenty of ideas! And then we hope that it will not only find a place on the Dutch market, but that it will be available in shops all over Europe.

Ivy & Loulou brand board

Thank you!

Thank you for this exciting adventure. We have also enjoyed working on this again. It was great to see how dedicated you have built this brand from scratch and, moreover, have not made any concessions when it comes to quality. Congratulations for this. It has become a beautiful product that you will make many children very happy with. It will undoubtedly be a great success. Have fun growing Ivy & Loulou, we'll keep following!

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