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Have a professional webshop (or site) made by SYSO. One that suits your company, takes you much further than where you are now and above all makes you proud.

A good webshop or website gives you success and turnover, but above all peace of mind!

Your company needs a webshop or website, but you have no idea where to start . The answer lies somewhere between doing it yourself and spending thousands of dollars on an unknown agency. If you look around you, everyone seems to have their webshop or website in order, not having to make any effort for customers, let alone for orders.

You probably know deep down what your dream business should look like, what you will sell and when you want to go live. Ideally, you just want to do what you are good at, create, purchase, style, compose and work with people.

Building a webshop or site is not something that makes you very happy.

Am I in the right direction? Then read on please…

Do you want to move from platform? Then you're in the right place at SYSO. We have now successfully moved dozens of webshops to Shopify, including products from every platform such as Wordpress, Lightspeed, CCV shop, Mijnwebwinkel etc.

It is the most reliable and proven all-in-one solution

How nice would it be if…

You will soon have an unforgettable and well-converting webshop/site.

You can do business with pleasure and ease (it's almost like gaming!).

You can present yourself professionally and be proud of your company!

Why and how are you moving to Shopify?

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Below is how we work. It is a beautiful process, especially for the customer who sees her or his idea come to life.

Intake - you complete the online intake and we have an (telephone) introductory meeting. All your wishes will be noted

Moodboard - based on the intake, a design moodboard is created and filled with atmospheric images

Design phase - if you are satisfied with the mood board, we will design your webshop or site

Build - after the presentation to you, we work out the design using a SaaS solution*

Completion - to finalize we call about the launchDuring the project we have regular contact

*based on SaaS software such as Shopify , excluding any costs from third parties (subscription, template, URL, payment providers, e-mail, etc.). SaaS is 'software as a service', this system grows with time/technique/need and is relatively easy to maintain

Silke Gertsen -

Nice personal advice

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

We first had SYSO restyle our branding and have a website update done. Within four years we had already outgrown our jacket on our previous platform and Mariko also helped us with the construction and move to the new platform, Shopify . Best choice ever, we couldn't have done this without Mariko and her team! Personal guidance and interest were the absolute decisive factor for us to message Mariko a second time for this great job.

Silke Gertsen -

Suzanne Peters -

Without SYSO I certainly would not have come as far as now

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Everything was to your liking because after the intake Mariko understands very well how someone works and what goes with it. I am happy with the result. Switching to a clearer niche was also the best choice ever. The webshop fits me perfectly and now sells so much better than before. The new webshop went live on 2 December. 14 days later Suzanne already had more than 1/3 of the annual turnover of the year before and the numbers are still rising.

Suzanne Weltens -

Maaike Kamminga -

No quick, smooth talk but structure, peace and confidence

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I experience the collaboration with Mariko from Sell yor stuff online as very pleasant. No quick, smooth talk but structure, peace and confidence. Also a pep talk every now and then. She first tries to get a good idea of what I feel comfortable with and she aligns her ideas with that. She took me step by step through the development. The end result is a webshop that suits me, feels good and works well. All this ensures that I will definitely recommend SYSO."

Maaike Kamminga - Something Beautiful For You

My name is Mariko Naber, I am a branding and online marketing expert, with a great love for ecommerce and founder of SYSO. Together with my partner Mark I have design agency Loaded ink BNO and I ran my own jewelry label and popular webshop Applepiepieces (sold in 2017) for 10 years.

Over the past 20+ years, we discovered strategies and formulas that made our own businesses and those of hundreds of others mega successful. Since 2014, our enormous treasure chest of knowledge and experience, critical view of the current paths and BNO membership have made SYSO the ultimate go-to for Dutch and Belgian online entrepreneurs.

We understand large, small, the profession, online business and you. We, Mariko, Mark and team SYSO, are happy to help you with a successful company that makes you proud and that takes care of your freedom.

Shopify experts

SYSO has been a Shopify expert since 2016. We have customers from all over the world.

Shopify partner

SYSO has been a Shopify partner since 2016. We developed the first Dutch-language Shopify course.

BNO bureau member

BNO is the Dutch trade association for designers and design agencies. Guaranteed Dutch design at SYSO.

For the online entrepreneur who grants her or his company a professional, unique and powerful online presentation. Webshop owner, coach, service provider, photographer, SME or freelancer... it doesn't matter what you do. If you have a business, you also need a good webshop or website to get everything out of it!

Due to the correct composition of the working method, we can offer high-quality BNO quality for an attractive price. This way of working has absolutely proven itself over the past year due to the large number of entrepreneurs that we have been able to help with a brand new branding. If your needs go beyond what is offered here, please contact Loaded ink BNO .

Frequently Asked Questions

Shall I start an Etsy shop?

Yes, that's possible. In some cases this is certainly advisable, but an Etsy shop is not a website or webshop. So to find out what suits you, you first have to determine your goal. We can also do that together. In addition, an Etsy shop also needs marketing, a plan to generate exposure, customers and sales.

My (old) shop or site can still work for a while, right?

If you are in doubt about this, you are usually ready for something new and fresh.

Is a good webshop or website really that important?

Running a business without a website is simply a shame. There is no such thing as a webshop without a webshop. In our opinion, a GOOD webshop or website is the only option. What good is something that is not good and therefore does not attract customers, does not give success and does not generate revenue? Let's face it, you are worth much more than that!

Can I really not go to you for a Wordpress webshop (+ Woocommerce)?

Not directly with us, but we do have several super specialists in that area in our network to whom we would like to refer you! Linkmastermonkey is highly recommended for Wordpress!

How long does it take?

If our planning permits, a new webshop or website can be realized within 4 – 6 weeks.

Can I combine a new webshop with a new logo and branding?

Yes please! This is often done, just look at the Case Studies , and this way you know for sure that the complete branding is in line with each other.

I'm afraid it's too expensive

You only know that when you request a non-binding quote. In addition, you can always pay in instalments if necessary. And... ask yourself what it costs if you don't have a well-converting webshop...

I have a cousin who…


What it really does? A new shop...

gives your online presence a brand new look that makes you feel really good

provides self-confidence and the motivation to move mountains

you can do this, you have the basics, the tools for a successful business that will (finally) take you further!

So. Now you know everything 🙂 Contact us for more information and advice.