20+ ideeën voor korting én de alternatieven

20+ ideas for discounts and the alternatives

Sale, Clearance, Sale. If you sell products that are trend or time sensitive, it is almost impossible to get out of it. You can also calculate it, assume that there will be a sale and you can also just get rid of your excess stock. A sale is actually 'official' twice a year, but nowadays it always seems like a sale (I really advise against that).

And then we have promotions such as Black Friday, Blue Monday, the birthday of your webshop, etc., but it can also be a week promotion, day promotion or a super deal. This often involves giving a temporary discount. This article is about giving a discount and the alternatives. Because there are plenty of them too!

What types of discounts are there?

Here is a list of the various types of discount you can give:

  • sale/sale
  • introduction discount (new customer discount)
  • combination discount
  • 2nd half price
  • Get 3 pay 2
  • graduated discount
  • group discount
  • seasonal discount
  • payment discount
  • own unique discount promotions, such as 'AH hoarding', 'the 3 crazy crazy Bijenkorf days', etc.

Sales can be different

💡 NOTE : preferably always exchange your discount for an email address, for example! A good discount is therefore a great lead magnet. Want to learn more about great lead magnets? Then check out the Email Marketing Magic Course .

🚨 BEWARE : always giving a discount often doesn't make much sense, customers will really wait for those discount promotions. But I understand better than anyone that you sometimes have to give your sales a push in a weak month.

The alternatives to giving a discount

There are alternatives for giving a discount, such as:

  • savings program, also known as loyalty program or regular customer discount
  • free wrapping as a Sinterklaas, Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift, or…
  • free shipping
  • pick-up option
  • give away shopping credit/shopping money with a high order
  • only give real VIP's a discount
  • gift with an order
  • come up with extra service such as after emailing with tips
  • giveaway, 'every tenth order of product x is free'
Alternatives to giving a discount

Long story short

It's nice, isn't it, that there are so many options and so many alternatives for giving a discount! We often discuss these kinds of interesting topics during the SYSO VIP masterclasses. Useful!

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