Altijd bereikbaar zijn is niet nodig - 3 tips

Always be available is not necessary - 3 tips

Does it also make you a bit creepy that everyone can reach you everywhere? By phone, by e-mail, private messages via Instagram, Twitter and Instagram, maybe you even use Whatsapp for your customer contact. Then be careful that you are not lived. It is not necessary to always be available.

If you are always available, there is a good chance that you will work very reactively, which creates unrest and chaos. As a result, you also fail to meet your schedule so that you do not stay 'on track' when it comes to growth and progress. That is why it is important that your potential customer can always contact you, but that it is very clear to him or her that there will be a structural response and at set times. Below are a few more useful tips.

Tip 1 - Set up your contact page clearly

Mention on the contact page of your webshop all means with which you can be reached, but... Let us know how you can best be reached. For example, we prefer e-mail. So that is also mentioned on our contact page . You can also refer to an FAQ page, "Also check if you can find your question with an answer on our FAQ page. If you really can't figure it out, call...".

Tip 2 - Indicate when you can be reached

Also let us know when you can be reached by phone, "We can be reached by phone during office hours between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.." And not at nine o'clock when you're watching Netflix or at six o'clock on a Saturday morning when you're still on one ear. Turn on a voicemail when you are not available.

Tip 3 - Use a phone service

Do you still want to be reachable by phone? Then take a look at the options for a telephone service such as Phonecare . They will answer the phone under your company name and transfer or email you, whatever you prefer.

So, nice right? And... relax!

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