5 Belangrijke redenen waarom je NU kiest voor e-mail marketing

5 Important Reasons Why You Choose Email Marketing NOW

After all these years, the newsletter still beats social media. This is mainly because social media is very sensitive to trends, just think of Hyves and Twitter. Today it is booming and tomorrow dead. Poof, there go your followers, your reach, let alone your conversion.

That is why we and our customers have been opting for e-mail marketing, aka the newsletter, for years. This is not about a quickly sent mailing with some new products or services quickly thrown into it. The most successful is a newsletter with a plan, planning and excellent content that meets the needs of your target group. A well-oiled newsletter system is an indispensable part of your content marketing strategy, but I'd love to tell you more about that later.

Five important reasons for email marketing

Below, in no particular order, are five reasons why email marketing is so important:

1 - No distractions

The entire newsletter is yours, in your branding, with your topics, image, text and links. On a Facebook page, your message is among all the other screaming articles that want just as much attention.

2 - Statistics

The effect of a newsletter is easy to measure. Email marketing gives you a very good picture of who clicked on what. With most social media you only get to know the amount of traffic, not exactly who clicked through, how long and to where exactly. Measuring is knowing -___-

3 - No algorithm

With social media, you depend on what these channels show in the news feeds of your followers. You are then dependent because you do not own that place and that control there. In the end you have to pay (increasingly) to get your messages to the attention. With e-mail, on the other hand, you are sure that your recipients will receive your message.

4 - Not Expensive (Insanely Cost Effective)

Especially for small companies and entrepreneurs who do not have a large marketing budget, e-mail marketing is a very good choice. You can achieve a lot with little money. Recent research showed that three-quarters of companies that work with email marketing have a super ROI. The ROI (return on investment) is 3800%. So for every €1 you put in, you get an average of €38 back. Those kinds of results cannot be matched in any way with social media marketing or Google Ads. How do you manage this? With a good newsletter system.

5 - Familiar

Your newsletter is neatly delivered to the old trusted inbox of the recipient and always remains there, until the recipient throws the mail away. Our own Awesome tips newsletter is our most important marketing tool for a reason!

    Not quite convinced of the impact yet?

    Then realize this: there are 3 times as many e-mail accounts in the world than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined . The whole world uses e-mail and it is only increasing. By the end of 2021, it is estimated that there will be more than 4 billion email users.

    Reason enough to give email marketing a chance. But sending a newsletter without an audience... is like a swimming pool without water. That's why I invite you to attend the February webinar; a mini masterclass on how to grow your mailing list like a pro!

    Nice and thorough work? Logically.

    Start now before it's too late... Sounds annoying, doesn't it?! By this I mean that we are now getting many social media followers on the mailing list in a 'fun' way. I explain exactly how that works and everything you need to know about email marketing in our indispensable online course for email marketing . A popular must-have that will give you structurally more turnover, without jumping through burning hoops. That sounds good right?!

    If you want to know more or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We LOVE email .

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