Aiii wat gaat AI hard - up to date met deze Bright video + mijn nieuwe hobby

Aiii AI is going fast - up to date with this Bright video + my new hobby

We are full of AI, because it is an obvious game changer in so many areas. For example, I already gave a webinar in December: How to have AI write blog posts for free , but honestly... that seems outdated less than four months later. Because with AI you can do so much more than that. And how fast it all goes, those developments.

Be sure to watch this video from Bright if you want to know the latest news. If you find it interesting to stay in the loop a bit, follow SYSO anyway ( SIGN UP ), because we are on top of it. Especially when it comes to applying AI for your company. Because whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay.

Follow my new AI hobby (is FUN)

For years I have illustrated for magazines (Fancy magazine) and with our branding agency Loaded ink for Kids United, Unicef's children's club, HTM passenger transport, Akzo nobel and so much more. So my curiosity was GREAT when OpenAI came up with image generator Dall.e2 and when I saw what Midjourney could do, I was completely blown away. I've been rummaging through all possible options for months. For example, we now have beta access to Adobe's Firefly for more than a week and that is just bizarre.

In the near future I will post my creations with the above AI image makers on Instagram. I let my imagination run wild and like the experiment to see what Dall.e2, Midjourney and Firefly make of the same prompt.

🧡 Follow my AI hobby here 👉

The image of this blog was created with Adobe Firefly as an example.

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