Dé slimme Sinterklaas strategie voor je webshop

The smart Sinterklaas strategy for your webshop

The smart Sint strategy for your webshop. Exactly, try saying that ten times in a row without stumbling! But without fooling around. How do you get the best out of Sinterklaas with your webshop? That's what I'm going to tell you, at least how it worked at Applepiepieces, how we use it effectively for customers and how you could apply it for your shop's communication.


In other words, what do you need to apply this strategy?

  • webshop with all the trimmings
  • Sinterklaas category. For example, a page where you only put gifts up to a certain amount or in an amount subcategory up to €15, €20, €30, etc.
  • Sinterklaas campaign style. A recognizable style that you can see everywhere in your communication. Webshop, social media, newsletters, etc. Is designing your own business not your thing? There are many designers or illustrators who can help you with this. For example, you can find it on Instagram. Also check out Creative Market for wintery/festive artwork.
  • newsletter system such asMailerlite
  • Facebook and Instagram

In this case I firmly believe in spreading out different actions over a certain period of time. Below is a possible planning, with examples, but make it tailor-made for your own webshop! The dates are indicative, see what works for your schedule.

Around November 13

  1. Placing Sinterklaas category online and visible in your shop (if all goes well, it's been there for a while = good for your SEO)
  2. everything in Sint style: main image on home, social media headers also adjusted
  3. newsletter with a 25% discount on the complete Sinterklaas category

Sinterklaas newsletter 001

November 14

  1. communicate the same action as in the newsletter all over social media

November 18

  1. Sinterklaas category 'shake it up', i.e. shuffle product order and possibly supplement it with some new items
  2. newsletter with a 25% discount on the complete Sinterklaas category (with new gift tips!)

Sinterklaas newsletter 002

November 19

1. communicate the same action as in the newsletter all over social media


In between, you keep putting gift ideas in the spotlight on social media, posting at least 1 product every day on Facebook.

November 26

  1. the newsletter out early in the morning with a 20% discount on… everything! One day long until 12 o'clock at night.
  2. communicate the same action as in the newsletter all over social media

💡 TIP : If you have a select group of customers who often receive extra privileges, we call them VIPs here, but it is of course possible that your newsletter subscribers are anyway!

Sinterklaas newsletter 003

November 29

  1. newsletter with 'last chance, 35% discount on the entire Sinterklaas category up to and including the final order date (eg 1 Dec). We recommend this because then you have as few unhappy customers as possible who order too late

Sinterklaas newsletter 004

November 30

  1. communicate the same action as in the newsletter all over social media

December 2

  1. newsletter with last minute tip: digital gift card that can be printed directly and packaged as a gift yourself
  2. communicate the same action as in the newsletter all over social media

💡 TIP : Between the newsletters there were two other newsletters at Applepiepieces with very different content to prevent Sint-overkill. What exactly you will find in the online course E-mail marketing magic and the Content coach program , both of which you can also find if you have a SYSO VIP subscription .

December 6

  1. take the Sinterklaas category offline immediately OR
  2. newsletter with: 'Aaaw, didn't you just get that one present from Saint Nicholas?…' and give that day one last chance to score your wish with 25%
  3. everything will be today anyway: CHRISTMAS!

Are you going to work?

I hope so of course, because if you use this well it just works. If you are going to apply this, I hope you share it with us. This is possible, for example, in the SYSO Insiders hangout (free). Nice!

And what do we do for Christmas?

We treat Christmas very differently and you can approach this in 100 different ways. Become a SYSO VIP and have a great December and start the new year with a bang! How about a party category for New Year's Eve? And have you already thought about your sales strategy? These are all matters we would like to help you with in the new year.

Newsletter = king!

As you have read above, the newsletter is an important element in our advice. Why?

  • for every €1 you put in, you get an average of €38 back
  • this marketing tool is and always remains yours
  • you are not dependent on crazy algorithms and social media that want money from you to be so visible
  • people who want your newsletter are interested and therefore very close to being, staying or becoming a customer
  • and… a mailing list, so you can make your reach as large as you want

Handy tip

Therefore choose an effective newsletter system NOW and give yourself and your webshop this gift: E-mail marketing magic . Learn the newsletter basics step by step with this online course: a converting layout, set-up, keeping readers captivated, growing your mailing list (as if by itself), bonus tips with the aim of increasing sales.

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