Event: Flavourites Feest 10 jaar

Event: Flavourites Party 10 years

What a party that was, the Flavourites Party! Think: shopping, shopping, good food, workshops and fun in the form of a roller skate disco (they had me there) and a mini Ferris wheel.

It was a very nice weekend in which I also met very nice online entrepreneurs (to be) with Sell your stuff online and hopefully inspired them to get started with their own webshop! Below is a small compilation of the party and of the mini workshop 'The basics for a super successful webshop' that I gave three times.

Thanks Natascha and Marije, for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Flavourites!

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Webshop mini workshop

Three times a full table at my mini workshops

Workshop of Mariko Naber

And that was a lot of fun with nice participants (thanx) <3

Flavorites party

A fresh bowl in between :)

Brainy days at the Favorites party

Brainy days had a super booth!

Roller skating at the Flavourites party

Seriously?! The temptation was irresistible of course!

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