Heb jij ook de concentratie van een garnaal?

Do you also have the concentration of a shrimp?

Maybe I'm alone in this, but I'm guessing it's not. Although I really try to work in a flow as much as possible, I don't always succeed. Sometimes you just have to do things for your online business that are a little less eh… 'flow-worthy', but that still have to be done! And suppose there is also a lot going on around you, it is noisy, what should you do then? I always put my headphones and 'white noise' on + headphones and I can go for hours!

What is white noise?

Technically speaking, white noise / white noise is a kind of average counter-noise from your environment that 'blocks' that sound (1-1 = 0). A signal for which the mean amplitude in the frequency spectrum is the same for every frequency. It is the sound that can be heard when an (old) television does not receive a signal (snow image). White noise can also be used as part of sensory deprivation, which in short means that you receive as few stimuli as possible to promote relaxation. Do not use white noise for hours on end, but include breaks. Too long is also not good. (source: Wikipedia)

So white noise. There are plenty of white noise videos on YouTube and some of them are up to 10 hours long! Below you will find one that I like to use myself. Don't look at the picture, it hurts your eyes a bit Here you will find our 'Focus on your work' playlist don't forget to subscribe to the Sell your stuff online YouTube channel .

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