Het succesverhaal van webshop Roppongi op WebwinkelKeur

The success story of webshop Roppongi on WebwinkelKeur

On the WebwinkelKeur blog I regularly highlight a webshop entrepreneur who is both a Sell your stuff online customer and a WebwinkelKeur member. This time it is SYSO VIP Ingrid from Roppongi 's turn.

Are you curious about how other webshop entrepreneurs do it? Why are they WebwinkelKeur members and what do they do to be visible and (at least as important) to remain visible? At WebwinkelKeur we put entrepreneurs in the spotlight, on the homepage and here on the blog. This interview focuses on Ingrid, the entrepreneur behind the Japan webshop in the Netherlands: Roppongi . You get a look behind the scenes. Learn from Ingrid's experiences and tips and discover how you too can run a successful webshop.

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SYSO is an expert in the field of (re)branding and building web shops

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" Roppongi was given a new look in 2019, including a new Shopify webshop. I left that entirely to Mariko from Sell your stuff online , an expert in the field of (re)branding and building web shops. I used the SYSO tool learned the tricks of email marketing. By sending newsletters you are not dependent on algorithms and your fans are always within reach my webshop is affiliated with Happlify. "

Ingrid - Roppongi

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