Hoe verzamel je klantenreviews? 3 Supertips!

How do you collect customer reviews? 3 Super Tips!

It is very smart to get started with customer reviews when you sell products or services. Because reviews are a form of 'user generated content' and therefore an important part of your online marketing. Why is that so important and how do you use reviews as a marketing tool? Read more...

Why are customer reviews important?

Research shows that almost all customers (92%) use reviews when making their choice. We can conclude from this that the opinion of others is judged to be much more reliable , which is why reviews yield a higher conversion and are so important. In addition, as a webshop owner (or online entrepreneur), you can get valuable information from reviews. You find out what the wishes and annoyances of your customers are, what makes them happy (or not) and how you can further improve your webshop. Enough reason to ask your customers for reviews.

How do you collect customer reviews?

In general, customers tend to only speak up when they are not satisfied. This way you run the risk that a wrong image of your company is created online. It is therefore wise to ask all your customers for reviews, so that a realistic picture is created. There are many ways to get reviews and how to deal with them.
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3 Helpful Tips

Whether or not you collect customer reviews, there are probably some points that are very useful among the tips you get now.

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tip 1 - invite customers to review

As described above, you often have to do something to get customers moving. So invite them after the purchase and send an automatic email. Do not send the email immediately, but after the customer has received the order. Don't wait too long, because then you will no longer be on top of mind. Timing is therefore important in this regard. Also the content of the email. If you use a standard system (see also below), then customize the standard text to the tone of voice of your company.

tip 2 - use a customer review system

Use a customer review system such as The Feedback Company, Kiyoh, Webwinkelkeur or Trustpilot. You use this service to request and publish reviews from customers. This benefits the consumer, but also you and your company. Consumers can make a better estimate of who they are dealing with. In addition, a customer review system with Google Rich Snippet stars has the advantage that you stand out in the organic search results of Google.

tip 3 - for what belongs what

Give something away in exchange for the review (also called an incentive). If someone is not happy, you will probably hear that a little sooner than if your customer is 'just' satisfied. It therefore helps to offer something in return for giving a response. A gift voucher, discount, checklist, tips or anything else that is of value to your customer will certainly work well ;-)

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