Shopify goeroe Mariko Naber over brandende hoepels en Easter eggs - Interview op het Shopify blog

Shopify guru Mariko Naber on burning hoops and Easter eggs - Interview on the Shopify blog

Mariko Naber, which self-starter merchant doesn't know her? Her successful webshop Applepiepieces led to the webshop workbook Sell Your Stuff Online . The start for thousands of webshop owners. Sell Your Stuff Online has now become a real online community and Mariko has developed several courses and tools to make your webshop pop.

So we are quite honored that Shopify is also the platform for guru Mariko to build your shop with. In this blog she talks about her love for Shopify and reveals some Shopify Easter eggs. Use it to your advantage!

Huge Shopify fan

Do you speak Mariko? Then ask her why she's such a big Shopify fan. She's guaranteed to glow as if she's talking about her greatest love. For the record, that's her husband and business partner Mark, but Shopify certainly plays a very big role in her business life.

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Mariko does so incredibly much that we are not going to discuss everything. Check for that , her newest baby H and certainly her socials. After the Applepiepieces adventure (now sold), Mariko not only wrote the webshop workbook, but she started helping online entrepreneurs much more widely. DIY courses and tools followed, but also branding, design and the actual building of webshops.

Read the full article by Petra van den Broek here 👉 Shopify guru Mariko Naber on burning hoops and Easter eggs

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