Logo en branding laten ontwerpen

Have your logo and branding designed

Have a professional logo and branding designed, of course. Because a logo can be generated for free, made by students and even by your nephew. But is that professional? And why do you need a professional logo and branding? Read on soon.

What is branding?

Literally, the word is derived from the Old Norse word 'brandr', which means 'to brand'. Branding was the means by which farmers could distinguish their livestock from one another.

Branding is therefore a means of distinguishing products, services or organizations from each other. But not only that. See branding primarily as a total experience. A feeling that the customer gets from a brand and in this case from your webshop.

If your logo or corporate identity isn't right, then forget it. The customer can't quite put his finger on it, but doesn't trust the target when it rattles. You need trust to make a purchase. So you can see that everything continues to work and that it is smart to take branding very seriously!

Branding is the face of your company

A logo and a corporate identity are part of this total experience and of the visual translation of your company. In other words: the face. They show the objective, atmosphere and intention of what you want to do/sell. That's why I can't emphasize enough that a logo isn't something you let your nephew mess up.

The 7 characteristics of a roaring strong branding

You can recognize a strong branding by these seven characteristics:

  1. Clear - you have a clear message and your ideal customer knows exactly what you do and sell
  2. Relevant - you understand the customer and her or his problem and/or situation
  3. Passion - your ideal customer feels your vision, what you stand for and believe in
  4. Distinctive - it is super clear how you are different and the best option for your ideal customer
  5. Credible - your ideal customer trusts you and believes you can deliver what you promise
  6. Consistent - your ideal customer will recognize you immediately by your consistent branding and tone of voice
  7. Visible - your ideal customer sees you frequently because you are always in the right place (and right time)

Visual branding essentials

If we look practically at what branding elements you need for an (online) company, it mainly concerns (visual) matters such as:

  • logo
  • colour
  • typography (font)
  • graphic elements
  • text
  • imagery
  • Online store
  • communication
🔥 A solid visual branding is based on the business plan of the company. Don't have a business plan (yet)? Download it here for free .

Branding is our special skill

Originally Mark and I are graphic designers, branding has been baked into our DNA for 20+ years and is a key element for the success of your company. We have now provided hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations with a unique logo and matching branding. Whatever we undertake, branding is and will always remain our ultimate foundation.

Are you curious what we can do for you?

Then take a look at the case studies , scroll through the page about branding and contact us without obligation. This can be done by email or simply by calling us. See you soon!

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