Ondernemer: leer 'nee' zeggen

Entrepreneur: learn to say 'no'

Saying 'no' more is SOOO relaxing! You guard your own borders and sometimes have seas of time left over. On a business level, saying 'no' more often is often a 'yes' to other things. Here's a tip with things you can say 'no' to with confidence.

You can say 'no' to:

✅Social media

Because everything is possible, it doesn't have to be everything. Find out where your potential customer hangs out, where you feel comfortable and ignore the rest. I'm mainly talking about organic Facebook posts, aren't I?! Those posts are only seen by a few percent of your followers and disappear in no time in the swirling info knit.

 You work the blubber

You don't have to be averse to hard work, in fact: don't believe anyone who says that 4 hours of work a week is enough for a 6-figure income. Digital Nomads are so 2019, they're just chatting now. My grandmother always said: “everything that stands for 'too' is not okay”. So put your shoulders down and get to work, but know when to rest and take time for the people you love.

 do everything yourself

I like to do it too much, but it's really not necessary. Look for a turning point in activities where your talent does not come into its own. In other words: things that you absolutely hate and that are left behind. Find someone for that. The world is full of VAs, find a good one and grow.

 Marketing gurus dancing in reels

I love freedom, happiness and fun, but when someone dances like an idiot and bumps into my iPhone and tells me how to schedule my social media… I wonder where the world is going.

 And now you, what are you saying NO to?

You can say YES to, for example, focus, fun and growth and you can find that HERE .

Cover photo source: Gemma Evans on Unsplash

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