Terugblik Make it happen webshop event 2019

Looking back Make it happen webshop event 2019

On Sunday 17 February, attendees learned in one beautiful day how to take an online business to a higher level. The event was packed with good lectures, inspiration, great encounters, and we went home with a mega motivation boost!

WHAT a day that was! I think we all did and learned a lot, the speakers were all TOP and I only saw very happy faces both offline and online.

I already said it on Sunday, I really like short cuts. Call me lazy, but I'm not. I'd rather find out exactly what is needed for the biggest impact and (try) not to waste my time on things that don't matter. So that there is more time for the most important things (which you can fill in yourself ;-)).

That was also the guideline for the Make it happen program this year: the guests only received the essential information with which they can make significant progress this year. Below is a recap of another great day. Thank you everyone and good luck with your business.

Kim de Jong - House of Tax

Kim de Jong of House of Tax gave an inspiring Money talk with a bit of a much-needed mindset, as she described it herself. She made us think the other way around. Not aimlessly chasing more money and therefore not getting any further than just making ends meet at the end of the month. Instead, first describe your ideal day. So where are you, what do you do and what does that look like? From there, calculate back to what you need financially for that.

House of Tax

Mark Bongers - Mark Bongers Academy

Mark also showed that thinking the other way around is really key to making a realistic goal achievable. His talk was completely interactive because you could raffle online for one of the nine books he had with him and with that he showed a very fast and effective retagetting advertisement live on Instagram stories. With a few visual examples of how to use Facebook successfully, I can assure you that it was a very inspiring hour!

Mark Bongers

Do you want to be there (again) next time? Sign up and don't miss a thing !

Frédérique van Gemert - Social media stylist

This styling pro gave us a super valuable crash course in photography and styling! Frédérique took her many years of knowledge and experience with her and we knew that. All facets to give an image 'swung' were discussed, complete with beautiful examples where she showed what a good social media image must meet in order to have an impact. Many participants were soon enthusiastic for a sequel.

Frederique van Gemert

Kirsten Jassies - Just K

You already knew that Instagram is booming, but Kirsten is critical and we love that. We asked her to give us a look at the Insta trends of 2019 and we were again treated to a surprising and confrontational talk. Because organic reach is dead and what else can you do if you don't just want to advertise? In the first place, ignore IGTV, unless you just like it and have a lot of people is a good idea in 2019. Want to know more? Be sure to check out her super interesting Instaproof book.

Kirsten Jassies

Mariko Naber

I myself gave a mini-masterclass Mailinglist growth and I can tell you that it is quite difficult to cram all the information I wanted to give in 45 minutes. The focus was on a nurture mail series, a great way to introduce new subscribers to your business, services and products without being pushy. The nurture series will soon also be covered in detail in our Email marketing magic - online course , a great way to get started strategically with email marketing. The guests were also introduced to two beautiful new products and we gave away a lot of shopping credit by means of fortune cookies that were in every goodie bag.

Mariko Naber lecture

Launch it Masterclass via Instagram

Do you have a new webshop, product, service or collection but no one knows anything about it yet? In this online Masterclass I explain step by step how to blast your news into the world so that all your hard work has not been in vain! The Masterclass builds up within five days, every day a little closer to the actual launch of your super project. You can join the days live if you already have something to launch, or learn it and apply it later. Read more about Launch it Masterclass here .


Our thanks are of course infinitely great to the sponsors of Make it Happen and the people who helped us that day. Thank you Simone Hulsker from Miss Honeybird who captured the day and Claudia Szokol from Bloombridge support who, in addition to flying keep, also did a super fun Insta takeover from @sellyourstuffonlineNL . Mijnwebwinkel again provided the nice goodie bags and below you will find the companies that have also contributed to this. Thank you!!

Make it happen sponsors

Atmosphere impression

Make it happen cookie

Frederique and Mariko

it was super cool

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