Valentijnsdag tips & tricks voor je webshop of online onderneming

Valentine's Day tips & tricks for your webshop or online business

Somehow it's a nice idea that you can 'get through' the gray hangover month of January by preparing a brilliant Valentine's Day campaign for your webshop. And yes, (almost) every online business, whether you sell products with your webshop or services as a coach, can do 'something' with Valentine's Day. Because whether you make a complete Valentine's Day gift guide, give a discount on the day itself or set up a giveaway... it's all possible on the 14th of February and you'll be 'on top of mind' again.

Valentine's Day Numbers

We'll start with some numbers because... measuring is knowing right?!
A lot of Valentine's cards are sent, but every year more is done on this loving day. Here's a handy overview.

So, how do you make the most of Valentine's Day with your webshop / online business? Below are a few tips.

1 - Create a Valentine's Day Gift Guide

This really sounds a lot harder than it is, a gift guide doesn't have to be more or less than a Valentine's Day category. For example, a page where you only put gifts/products that belong to this topic. Think broadly, for example all products that are pink or red. Products with hearts, rings, necklaces, bracelets, but they can also be products that you may not immediately think of, as long as it can be given as a gift and as long as it radiates something sweet, love, friendship and / or gratitude. It could even be a mug or warm scarf if you look at it that way.

2 - Do something to your customers on the day itself

The simplest action is to send a good newsletter to your customers on the day itself, February 14. Many companies give a discount that day, the most frequently given discount is 14%.

You can also get away with just a sweet Valentine's Day greeting, but expect little or no sales from it. That's just an 'image supporting' message/action.

3 - The Valentine's Day Giveaway

Don't feel like going into discount mode again? I understand. Then go for a (simple) giveaway! Why?

  • it takes you relatively little time, because the promotion itself can be set up super simple
  • you do customer loyalty
  • a clear action creates engagement
  • and if all goes well also new followers (= brand awareness)

In this case, I would aim my arrows at Instagram. You can see below how easily a Valentine's Day giveaway can be announced, this is a newsletter from A Beautiful Story.

4 - Sell Valentine's Day products

A complete collection with only Valentine's Day related items is of course nice (but not feasible for everyone). Think: mugs, cards, jewelry with hearts, special chocolate, a course on relationships, etc. But matchy-matchy also works! Think of matching couple sets such as these nice Boyfriend & Bae sweaters.

5 - Add a Valentine's card with every order

A card from you to the customer is sweet and fun, but a blank card that the customer can still send himself (again saves a trip to the store) is perhaps just as thoughtful. You might even be able to have one printed in line with your branding. Don't explicitly put your promotion there, but keep it subtle. Win win!

6 - Also think about singles

Because... not everyone has a relationship or someone in mind. And then Valentine's Day is probably very annoying, so you can also respond to that very well along the lines of: "Screw Valentine's Day and treat yourself!"

7 - The day after

There is nothing worse on such a day than expecting something and getting nothing. 'The day after' can therefore have a big hangover. Also in this case, the message: "Screw Valentine's Day and treat yourself!" work miracles ;-)

Shall I help you?

A complete Valentine's Day campaign has been mapped out and described in the Content coach program, including dates and more tips. In addition, I (Mariko) is often live weekly to help the participants with their marketing.

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8 - Valentine's Day Inspiration

One last tip: the Valentine's Day inspiration board , full of inspiration for beautiful content and a nice campaign style. Good luck!!

Valentine Inspiration

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