Waarom zou je een kans als Vaderdag laten liggen?

Why pass up an opportunity like Father's Day?

Don't do it! Doing nothing with Father's Day (June 17th) is a shame! If your target group consists mainly of men, that is a no-brainer. But Father's Day is always a very good reason to hook up with your webshop. Even though you may think that your product and shop is mainly aimed at women, if you 'think again' you will soon discover that you can do something with it. Read on quickly, so that you can increase the conversion of your webshop in June with Father's Day. The content of this blog article mostly corresponds to the 7 tips we gave you for Mother's Day. But you will see that the examples and some subtle details differ. Good luck!

Webshop conversion with Father's Day

Are you familiar with the term 'customer journey'? That is the marketing term for the journey that your customer takes from the introduction to the order. And indeed, if you start to see it as a literal journey, the process becomes clear at once.

Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to serve consumers in all phases of their customer journey. With conversion as a result of course!

On average we spend €35 ​​per person on Father's Day (hm, that's €5 more than on the mothers). Good to know: About half of shoppers postpone the purchase until the day before Father's Day. That is not useful for webshops and that is why you should start with awareness around Father's Day as soon as possible.

Therefore, here are some practical tips, so that you still have some time to work them out. This way you can help all seeking or non-searching shoppers with your offer and more for extra conversion.

What is the most bought for Dad? Research shows these are the most popular products:
• alcohol
• after shave
• books/media
• something tasty
• something for the garden
• tools
• gadgets
• greeting card
• jewelry
• gift cards

No worries if you don't sell these items. There are opportunities for every webshop, as long as you put your visitors on the right track. Also think of socks, (o horror) tie, a nice pen, special T-shirt, cool mug etc.

1 Determine the right target group

Anyone with a (sort of father) who fits within your target group is in this case a potential buyer. Think of mothers, -big and small- children. So take a good look at your own target group, perhaps the buyer of the gift to be ordered and try to find the starting point of their journey. Where are they located online and offline? Try to figure that out.

Suppose your target group mainly consists of women, then provide some nice (one-off) Father's Day products. After all, they are already familiar with your shop and service and are in fact already with one foot 'inside'.

Then determine what you want to sell, what your goal is and what resources you will use.

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2 Campaign style

Beautiful campaigns are half the battle. Something that looks good and fits your target audience radiates confidence. A good Father's Day promotion is a bit tough, maybe has some humor, is positive and makes you feel like you're in exactly the right place for that special gift.

Make an attractive Father's Day campaign style well in line with your branding. Whatever you do, do something that fits your webshop! Do you find this part difficult? Then outsource this, or take a look around Creativemarket.com and try to make Canva.com your own (did you know there will be a mini workshop Canva in the Content coaching program ?).

Be inspired by us Father's Day inspiration pinboard full of campaigns, DIY ideas and nice surprises for fathers.

Father's Day tips for webshops

3 Gift guide

As you may know, gift guides are our favorite and I often recommend this option because it just works. A gift guide is a category in which you place products that are appropriate to the subject, in this case Father's Day gift tips. A larger gift guide can consist of several categories so that the customer immediately finds his or her way to gifts for dad, grandma, stepfather, dad to be, the tough, stylish, sweetest, travel-loving or sporty father. With this you remove the stress from the customer, you make it easy for him or her and yet it feels like your own choice (which has a positive effect on purchasing behaviour).

4 Blog post

The blog post is there to tell your story (it really doesn't have to be long, just not!) without coming across as being too salesy. In the Father's Day blog post, for example, you give about five super nice tips for the best successful Father's Day ever. Think of a nice mix of a DIY to do with the kids, a hearty men's breakfast, a joint to do outside the door, something sweet that makes dad very happy and of course a product from your shop here and there. Think of the 'All kinds of factor', it is about inspiring the potential customer and offering things that do not have to generate sales immediately. You couldn't even recommend any of your own products, but only close with a few cheerful sentences about your super handy gift guide (oh yes…).

5 Father's Day discount (optional)

As Father's Day approaches, it is smart to stimulate potential purchases a bit. That is possible with a discount. It is up to you whether you do this, but this also works in a converting manner. How much discount? 20% seems nice to me.

6 Newsletter

Seriously, newsletters are going to do the trick (if you have a mail file of course, you don't have one and you want to get started with your newsletter take a look at the online course Email Marketing Magic ).

newsletter 1
• topic: don't stress with the Father 's Day gift guide
• shipping: 14 days before Father's Day

newsletter 2
• subject: the best tips for Father's Day (with possible reminder to gift guide)
• shipping: 10 days before Father's Day

newsletter 3
• subject: xx% discount on our Father's Day selection (with possible reminder to gift guide and blog post)
• shipping: 7 days before last shipping day

Below you can see one of the Father's Day promotions we did with Applepiepieces. Especially for Father's Day we had several men's products for a limited time. And that worked well!

7 Shout it out

Promotion is the key. Because you can have such a great Father's Day campaign, a gift guide and a complete blog post, if no one knows, no one will come to your shop. So, if you have a solid plan and everything is ready, definitely plan in some good Facebook and Instagram ads!

Bonus tips

- offer digital gift cards for the very last minute!
- create a specially curated Father's Day package (people love surprises and convenience!!)
- put together a Father's Day promotion with another webshop (unite! )

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And then another one for daddy

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