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Esgii was created during a tour through Mongolia in August 2009. Esgii means felt in Mongolian. There, founder Annelies Hendriks came into contact with local people who were making felt products. The idea soon arose to import these items to the Netherlands to contribute to better living conditions for the Mongolian population. Esgii was officially founded in May 2010. Esgii now works with several small Fair Trade organizations and has grown into a well-growing, sustainable company. Esgii mainly focuses on felt slippers and slippers.

Esgii is currently managed by Annelies Hendriks (founder, director) in collaboration with a logistics service provider, IT suppliers and freelance expertise and smart use of various online tools.

The owner has decided to take a different path. Esgii definitely has growth potential, but with the current limitations of its own strength, now is the time to transfer this unique concept to a partner who can help Esgii grow further.

esgii webshop

Esgii has developed into a unique brand with unique premium products. The webshop is easily found and purchased by the direct target group. The target group is now mainly slightly older adults with above-average incomes. By combining its background with fair trade, sustainability, ecological development, development cooperation with 'Western' taste and its own design, esgii has a growing circle of fans every year.

We are looking for a new owner who has the vision and pleasure in putting esgii on a broader market, with which it can reach the next level.


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