Wil jij ook blij worden van de boekhouding?

Do you also want to be happy with accounting?

Administration, I know little about that and that is not useful. My right hemisphere is a little less developed, I think. My husband Mark is from the administration, I don't like numbers and it even makes me angry. Very childish, I know. So this is one of my weaknesses. If Mark and I weren't a team, I'd have to completely outsource this. That sounds easier said than done, on all fronts by the way. We also outsource a large part of our administration, such as the VAT return, the annual accounts and the like, to a bookkeeper.

That's how I started subchapter 3.4 in my workbook Sell your stuff online . I wrote the book in 2014 and now, in 2019, the fourth revised edition is in the shops. Despite the fact that in this way the book appears to be a timeless document for the time being, the relationship between me and the administration has changed. I even dare to say that I like it…

Is accounting fun now?

That last 'like administration' may not sound earth-shattering, but it's quite a statement if you know me. Numbers make me restless, as does entering numbers manually. 'Excel-sheet' has been just an ordinary swear word for me for years and to the point of madness I have been digging for receipts that really had to be somewhere at the bottom of my bag.

“What's different now?” you may ask. Well, long story short: Jortt, Accounting program Jortt to be complete.

Although I am writing this article on behalf of Jortt, I am only writing it because Jortt suits us and because we have actually started using it. Not only Mark is enthusiastic, but so am I. The reason is that a lot of work is automated by the program and because the program gets to know your company along the way and the accounting goes faster every month. Artificial intelligence takes care of that and I am amazed every time I see it happen.

Simplicity works

In fact, you simply link your bank account to Jortt, the system immediately recognizes an incredible number of credits and debits and processes them automatically. Transactions that are not recognized, you mark them yourself - once manually - and then they will be recognized by the system in the future and you have no more work to do with them. Did I already tell you that you can make quotes on it, that the system helps you with the VAT return and the annual accounts are included?

Shortcuts are key!

If you've been following Sell your stuff online and me for a while, you know how much I love effective and relevant shortcuts. A service to schedule your social media, automatic email systems, I love it. And Jort is now definitely one of them.

Jortt works flawlessly with most banks, including Mollie, is super reliable, easy to use, cost-effective, not expensive (!), nice Dutch and -which I think is a big plus- they support, just like us, Kiva .


My own experience so far is that I really started doing better with Jortt. That's because I'm closer to the numbers myself now and understand them. Or perhaps in my case, wanting to understand because the administration has now also become transparent for me. I think this is due to the system's well-arranged dashboard and also absolutely due to the automation that is completely in line with the systems we use here on a daily basis (social media, webshop software, e-mail software, etc.). In this way, accounting costs less time and money with Jortt.

Jortt is accounting with a smile. Totally agree!

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