Casestudy: Kaia Natural Watercolor branding & webshop

Case study: Kaia Natural Watercolor branding & webshop

Kaia Natural Watercolor is a new, natural, vegan (!), non-toxic watercolor paint that owner Kara de Rooij makes herself with love. Kara is a pioneer in this and has put a fantastic, unique product on the market!

Kara contacted us some time ago. She had a very clear plan and didn't want to happen overnight. We made a proposal for a Branding pack combined with a Webshop pack and kept in touch occasionally. Kara wrote her master plan, developed her completely vegan product and when all the puzzle pieces were ready, we got to work. Veronique Baur of takes care of the beautiful watercolor flowers that you see in the complete house style and packaging.

Who is Kaia Natural Watercolor?

Kara hated the synthetic paint commonly used in watercolor painting. " How nice it would be to be able to replace environmentally polluting, non-degradable paint with a sustainable, vegan and professional alternative. ", she has answered that question with Kaia Natural Watercolor. Natural pigments whose origins date back to the Maya culture 500 BC. The paint is now on the market and available via in 10 beautiful colors that you can buy separately and in a very nice complete set.


The result is a branding and webshop that fits seamlessly with the company. The webshop was created with the Mijnwebwinkel software, is bilingual and Kara can now use it herself. We gave her access to the online masterclass Launch it during the process so that she could properly prepare her launch. The webshop is now up and running and we are working on brand awareness.

We asked Kara a few questions

Why did you start Kaia Natural Watercolor?
I have been painting myself for a long time and suddenly thought: why do I pay attention to natural food and cosmetics and the like, but do I paint with synthetic paint? I then went looking for natural-based paints, but didn't find what I was looking for. I then started doing a lot of research into pigments and learned to make paint myself and developed paint recipes.

What do you think is the best product from your shop?
I couldn't choose between the colours, because each color and each pigment has its own story. But of course I am most proud of the complete set!

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What made you decide to have your branding and webshop made online by Sell your stuff?

I wanted to outsource my branding and webshop, preferably to one party, so that I could keep my focus on perfecting my product. I thought it was a great idea that Mariko himself knows what it's like to run a webshop and has a lot of knowledge about how to make the conversion of a shop as high as possible.

May we know what your future plans are?
I would like to further expand my color palette, because there are many more beautiful and special pigments, including real gemstone pigments. I also want to make a nice video where you can see how I make the paint.

Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?
I would definitely recommend SYSO! My webshop is beautiful and exactly as I had it in my head, while I would never have managed it myself. Mariko has not only done the minimum, but has really gone for the best result. I've also learned a lot from the Facebook insiders group.

Is there anything else you would like to know. Any tips for other entrepreneurs/pioneers?
If you develop a product that doesn't exist yet, not everything will go perfectly right away, but for every problem there is a solution and if you take a small step every day, you can go a huge distance!

Thank you Kara

For this special assignment and your trust. It was super interesting to see your vision come to life almost literally. You have really created something new and arranged everything beautifully to a great end result. We really enjoyed working with you and Veronique and wish you the best of luck with Kaia!

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