10 super slimme ideeën voor je eigen minicursus (+checklist PDF)

10 super smart ideas for your own mini course (+checklist PDF)

"I want to make money from my knowledge, but HOW do I do that?! How will people see me as the expert in my industry?" - Because that's what happens when you launch a mini course. Whether you're selling products or services, a mini-course is a great smart marketing tool.

There are many ways to use a mini course, so you can attract new customers with it, but you can also sell it as a product! Here are two of the many scenarios to get an idea:

✅ You have a jewelry webshop

You have a webshop and sell jewelry and gemstones. You have a few customers who buy something now and then, but it is difficult to convince them to order something from you again. Attracting new audiences to your shop is always quite a task... In short: there will be no growth, let alone that you can make ends meet from your webshop.

Your mini course idea
You can use the mini course as a free lead magnet where you arouse the interest of new audiences for your expertise and they give you their email address. The start of a sustainable customer relationship and more turnover. Later you could also sell the course. Can you picture it already? We do !

✅ You are a Burnout coach

You are a burnout coach who helps people get their lives back in order. You do this through 1-on-1 coaching programs and weekend retreats. You would love to make a large online program where you no longer have to work only 1-on-1. This way you can help many more people at the same time and this solution does not weigh so heavily on you as a person.

Your mini course idea
A mini course helps you to investigate whether there is a demand for such a large online program. Think of it as a small try out that warms up your audience and the idea. How does your audience react, which topic is most relevant, does making a course suit you? Create your own mini course and you'll be behind it in no time. You won't go wrong here.

🖐 5 Rock-solid reasons for your own mini course

  1. With the right mini course you will become a magnet for your audience
  2. It confirms your expert status , just like a book (but with much less effort and money!)
  3. This is a great start for (online) course newbies!
  4. If you want to earn money before your main course/program is finished
  5. If you want to sell your knowledge in addition to products

More mini-course examples

To help you on your way, here are some examples for inspiration for your own mini course.

Tarot course

Do you have a webshop with spiritual products? Then you can create a Gemstone course about the effect, origin and meaning of the gemstones you use most.

Meditation course

Do you give offline yoga classes? Then you can create a mini course to create a yoga morning routine for yourself. Or a soothing meditation; learn to meditate.

Interior styling course

Do you sell home accessories? Offers a styling mini course. How do you choose a color palette? Which design classics should you take with you to a thrift store, etc... How do you combine old and new this season? (a new course every season!!)

Mother and child bonding course

If you are a lifestyle coach and you have an online program for new mothers, your mini course could be a short tutorial on bonding with your child.

Layette course

Do you have an eco children's clothing brand and/or webshop and does your target group consist of (almost) mothers? Create a mini-course with sustainable essentials you really need for the layette or how to plan the maternity period for you and your new family.

Hand lettering course

Do you have a webshop with stationery and/or is hand lettering your thing? Offer a mini-course for the basics and help them learn more about the products you sell; pens, ink, paper etc. or a larger paid course.

Vegan smoothies course

Are you a healthy food blogger and do you want to earn money with your knowledge? Then you can, for example, create and sell a mini course about a 30-day detox. Your mini course can also be just a 7 day course and that you offer a larger course at the end of the 7 days. A mini course in this case can also only be about vegan smoothies. Another direction could be a mini-course on how to take beautiful pictures of food.

What makes a good course?

The primary importance of any course is the successful transfer of knowledge and skills . And of course the satisfaction of a student during and after completing the course is extremely important! How to do that with a mini course you can easily learn step by step in the brand new Create your own mini course .

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