3 geweldige nieuwsbrief-ideeën om NU te versturen

3 great newsletter ideas to send NOW

If you've been following SYSO for a while, you know that I collect strange things like: newsletters . For years my box has been packed with it every morning and I think it's a party! Because you have boring, sloppy, meaningless newsletters. But there are also gems that are spot on and certainly generate a lot of turnover. I will share many of these smart expressions with you in the Content coach program , part of SYSO VIP . Today I'm going to show you three that you can use for inspiration during the upcoming holiday weeks.

Play to save

Rituals does Green Friday, the counterpart of Black Friday obviously. Without making any excuses, incidentally with: 'Save on packaging and money'. With this they hit two sentiments in one fell swoop. Click here for the Rituals online newsletter.

Rituals holidays newsletter

The logical long newsletter

Normally I like the short and powerful newsletter, but sometimes an exception to the rule is also very effective, take a look. The moving Christmas baubles/decorations in this atmospheric Anthropology newsletter caught my attention. They are sorted by horoscope sign and although it is a bit far fetched, it is fun and makes you want to click. Because you are curious which crazy thing suits you and it also looks so cozy. The newsletter itself is meters long and starts with an urgent call to action that can lead to your holiday info page. If you ever wanted to send out a lengthy newsletter, the time is now. Show everything you've got and get those customers to the shop okay?!


Comfort yourself with Lush

First of all , attention to the link at the top of this LUSH newsletter , which goes to the delivery information page . What we at SYSO also call the 'holidays page'. Subsequently, this is a nice to the point expression that responds to winter sentiment. That works well when it really gets colder and darker outside and you start to feel a bit distraught. Everyone could use a warm-up during this time. A warm bath solves a lot (and is now almost a luxury).

So and now you

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