6 Tips voor het kiezen van een goede bedrijfsnaam

6 Tips for Choosing a Good Business Name

The first thing someone hears about your company is the name. You don't easily forget a good name, it meets expectations, arouses curiosity and sounds beautiful. Coming up with the right name is quite a job. It is extremely important that you do thorough research first.

This is how you choose a good company name

Tip 1 Think about your target group

Choose a name that not only you like, but that is especially attractive to your target audience. If you are a 'doer', you tend to go for a name that you 'just like' at that moment. Don't go ice cream overnight.
Make sure you know what you are going to sell, to whom, how, why and what your core values are. Based on this essential determination of your company, you can go wild with a brainstorm about the name. Then present the option(s) to your target group and see if they like it.

Tip 2 Positive

Come up with a name that brings to mind something positive or fond memories. Here you will find a list of positive words (in English) for inspiration.

Tip 3 Simple

Pick a short and sweet name that isn't confusing or wordy. A name consisting of two, maximum three syllables is the most ideal. Think of 'Kodak'. The name is so well known and established that you speak of a 'generic name' here. Kodak itself means nothing at all, but mainly sticks because of the use of the so-called 'popping' font.

Tip 4 No craziness

Look after! Don't use funny puns that only you understand. Also, do not use abbreviations that could lead to confusion. Think of using the '4' instead of 'for' or 'U' instead of 'you'. This is also very time-bound (read tip 5). Moreover, it can lead to misspelling the name, making it less easy to find you online.

Tip 5 Timeless

Avoid using 'trend words' such as hot, hip, & co, etc., cute, sparkle and the like. Something can be fun now, but should preferably still sound good ten years from now and fit your company. Of course you can't know what you will still like in five to ten years, but try to think somewhat 'timeless' in this. Look at the names of brands that have been around for much longer.

Tip 6 Test the name

Have you chosen a good company name based on the tips above? Then check whether the name is not already used by another (sector-related) company. Also find out whether the domain name is still available (.nl and/or .com, depending on your target group). If not, find out who is using the domain name and for what exactly. Sometimes you can take over the domain name for a reasonable amount.
Does your name consist of Dutch words? Google the name and use the 'find keywords' tool from Google AdWords to gain more insight into the search results. Also Google the misspelled variants and record these names. On the basis of an automatic redirection, they always end up at your webshop.

Is trademark registration mandatory?

No, registering your company name (brand) is not mandatory, but without a trademark registration you also have no trademark protection. This means that if someone else uses your trademark without your permission, you cannot act against it. After all, your trademark has not been registered.

If you want to have trademark law for your trademark in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, you can, for example, register your trademark with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) .

Extra tip: Social media

Also check whether the name is available on the various social media and register your domain name on all platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. Even if you are not (yet) using it. This way no one can ever misuse your company name.

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