Creative Life, een mooie beurs voor mooie webshops

Creative Life, a beautiful fair for beautiful webshops

You may have seen it pass by; a mega hall with happy faces, beautifully styled and bursting with creativity. Creative Life.

As the initiators describe: "The newest and coolest creative fair for everyone who not only wants to shop, but also wants to know the maker and the story behind the products. And of course also want to get started. More than 120 shops, 50 workshops and a packed program." Sell your stuff online kicked off on Friday morning 24 March with two lectures '5 Super tips for your own awesome webshop'.

creative life

Below is an image report of the lectures and Friday with photos made by Simone of Miss Honeybird .

Creative Life Mariko Naber

A 'living' was set up in the middle of the 10,000 m2

creative life

And it was very full!

Creative life Sell your stuff online

There was a nice crowd :-)

Sell your stuff online workshop

And a lot was written

Sell your stuff online workbook signing

Afterwards you could buy a copy of my book and ask questions

Beautiful Creative life day

It was a beautiful day. Thanx Simone! Everything is more fun together ️

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