De 10 elementen van een mega effectieve lead magnet

The 10 elements of a mega effective lead magnet

A lead magnet is a kind of 'golden ticket' for your email marketing. Create something that really benefits your audience, something that makes them happy and that makes your company relevant to them: the lead magnet. Here are the 10 elements for your own awesome lead magnet.

A lead magnet is therefore 'something' relevant of value that you offer for free to your target group in exchange for an e-mail address. That something relevant can be anything: a (good!) e-book, checklist, video, webinar, mini-course, swipe file, etc. If you give something of value to your audience, that is a great step to build a good relationship of trust. to build.

Wonderful giveaway

We also like to call it the 'wonderful giveaway' because this way you remember how GOOD your giveaway has to be! It can't be a boring e-book that you can't get through. It really has to be something of value, something that sticks, which is beyond expectations. It's amazing and that's why this remedy works.

How does a lead magnet work?

In short, a lead magnet works like this:

  • you offer something of value that is in line with your product or service
  • potential customers become convinced of the value you offer
  • as a result, they will return to your company more often for more (paid) valuable products or services

How many lead magnets do you need?

One very good 'evergreen' copy to start with if you ask us. One very effective lead magnet can generate thousands of newsletter readers.

The 10 elements of a mega effective lead magnet

In total, there are 10 elements that an effective lead magnet must meet:

  1. the lead magnet is in line with your product or service
  2. you focus on one problem
  3. you offer value as a company by offering a solution
  4. the solution is concretely and specifically described
  5. you clearly show the result of your solution
  6. you deliver fast results
  7. be short and sweet
  8. you offer added value as a company
  9. ensure a professional appearance (in terms of message and design)
  10. the branding of your lead magnet is in line with the corporate identity of your company

Getting started with your own lead magnet

So what you need is 'something' to give away, a mailing list and a landing page. On this free page you will find our own lead magnets and at Happlify we also use them regularly, see for example the How happy are you test.

Do you really want to grow your mailing list? Then become a lead magnet pro. Read below how you can do that.

Shall I help you further?

In our popular Email marketing magic course you will find a complete module dedicated to the lead magnet, complete with videos, many examples and a step-by-step plan. Super nice!

MODULE 5 - Make an awesome lead magnet
5.1 What is a lead magnet?
5.2 Lead magnet type A - recruiting new leads
5.3 Lead magnet type B - convert leads into customers
5.4 Your own lead magnet step-by-step plan
5.5 Examples of lead magnets
5.6 A rock-solid landing page

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