De beste gratis stockfoto's voor jouw webshop, blog of social media

The best free stock photos for your brand, webshop, blog or social media

We often get questions about where you can legally* (!) get beautiful images from for little (or nothing?!). For example, you sometimes need a lot of visual material for your marketing communications (which of course fits in with your branding). So here's a pretty complete list of free stock photo resources.

*no images pulled from Google, Pinterest or any other website...

Now, I generally always recommend original footage first and foremost. Nothing is as beautiful as unique visual material that matches your branding. But… if your budget is (temporarily) not very large, there are fortunately other additional solutions.

Photograph your own mood and product photos

Photographing (your products) yourself is a good idea if you have the feeling, the time and the equipment for it. You could make a combination by hiring a photographer for your look book and photographing your products yourself for the product pages.

Supplier photography

If you purchase (many of) your products from a supplier, there is a good chance that your supplier has good images of this and can provide it to you. Think of atmospheric image, free-standing image on white and at high resolution, which you may even be able to use for printing.

What is stock photography/video?

A stock photo is a photo that a photographer sells through a stock image bank. NB! The photo is not exclusive and can be purchased and used by virtually anyone. If you buy a stock photo, you can use it under certain conditions. These depend on the use and differ per image bank. Large image banks (including video) include:

Free stock photography

In addition to paid 'stock', there is also free stock photography, so it's free. Below you will find a list of pages full. If you search well, you will find real gems that you can use for your website, webshop, blog post or for fleeting social media. Especially with the latter, 'the struggle is real', I know. It is difficult to find a good image that is not always about your product, but that fits your branding. So here's a nice list. Have fun!


It's always good to double check to make sure what the licenses are for each photo. This is because a license for commercial use may be required, while other images are completely free and free of use. 'CC0' is the term used when an image is exempt from copyrights. In that case, no source reference is required.

Cock wizard
- freshly found on the web
- 100,000 free and freely usable images
- of which 20,000 exclusive Piwizard images
- many people and new image

- high resolution
- 10 new photos every 10 days
- royalty free

- easy navigation system
- nice pictures with good contrast
- sortable by color and category

- 5 new photos every day
- super large collection of artistic photos
- many different topics

- free for commercial use
- wonderful material for different industries
- easy navigation and search function

- 'totally free' according to their own words
- lots of topics
- easy search function

- completely copyright free
- more than 1 million images
- besides photos also illustrations and video

- nice and crazy
- free photos for commercial use
- new photos added every week

- beautiful lifestyle photos
- easy navigation system
- for personal and commercial use

ISO republic
- large community of photographers
- easy to sort
- perfect images for blogs and webshops

Stick pic
- 10 new photos every 2 weeks
- super beautiful lifestyle photos
- extremely easy navigation

Foodie feed
- beautiful food photography
- extremely high resolution
- hipster food :-)

- royalty-free images of the... Rijksmuseum!
- Vermeer, Rembrandt, Karel Appel you name it
- very conveniently categorized

You can find more of these helpful free stock sites in Charlotte's Law's blog post " 10 Best Resources for Free and Royalty Free Photos ."

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