Waarom groeit je onderneming niet (hard genoeg)? - doe nu de test

Why is your company not growing (fast enough)? - take the test now

A webshop is the means to offer your products or services online. You can reach a large audience with it and sell 24/7. However, not every webshop grows at the same rate.

"How can I grow my business?", that is one of the most frequently asked questions during the intake of a coaching process. Chances are you've wondered that more than once too. So that is not strange at all. Because starting a web shop, almost anyone can do that, but being able to make a good living from it - that's a completely different story. But that too is within your reach.

Are you currently on a plateau and would you like to continue growing? Then discover your own personal growth block(s) with our handy brand new GROW, the growth block test.

What is holding back your growth

Are you a visionary, switcher or a doer and what does that say about you and the growth of your company? What exactly is stopping you? And, more importantly... what can you do about it? Enter your name and e-mail address below, click quickly and you will know within (maximum) 2 minutes.

Do the test

Tell us below what your type is and what your growth blockade is? And... can you recognize yourself in it? We are very curious!

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