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How do you get your webshop in the media?

Being prominent with a product in a relevant magazine or newspaper is still very good for your visibility and sales. Even in 2023. But how do you get into such a magazine without taking a big bag of money with you? Read on quickly, because in this article you will find everything you need to know about this. In addition, you will receive very valuable information for your own press page, (online and offline) press kit and press release.

What is a press page?

A press page, page for the press or also known as a news room , contains essential information for journalists: an overview of press releases, images, contact details, social media links and other relevant information from your company. A press page is a separate page on your website or webshop.

When Business Wire asked journalists which sources they turn to when writing an article about a company, these top 6 were:

  1. company website 92%
  2. press page 77%
  3. social media 42%
  4. spokesperson 42%
  5. trade magazine 41%
  6. blog 34%

So it is really important to have a press page. If a journalist does not immediately find the desired information on your site, the information is often obtained from elsewhere. There is a good chance that you will not be included in the article and your check on the correct information is therefore gone.

How do you set up a press page?

A press page can be very simple and very extensive. It's just what you choose. To illustrate this, here are some press page examples:

This is the Ben & Jerry's press page , a good example and very complete.

Press page Ben & Jerry's

What is a press kit?

A press kit , press kit or press kit is a bundled collection of promotional material about a company, organization or product that is distributed to the media. Distributing a press kit is often linked to a press conference, press presentation or product launch. But a press kit can also be downloaded on your contact or press page! This makes it easier for journalists and editors to obtain information about you and your company and with such a press kit you can direct what they (easily) learn about you.

Download here as an example the press kit of Happlify your life that was made for the book launch on .

Happlify your life press kit

What requirements must a press kit meet?

In a nutshell, what's in such a press kit?

  • press release in Dutch (and of course another language for foreign fairs/target groups)
  • photo material (possibly with link where to download)
  • the (brief) story of the company or organization
  • sales information
  • contacts, including mobile number and email address

This is the basis, of course you can supplement it with samples, folders and gifts, but don't go too crazy and keep it relevant.

Press kit example

When you hand out a press kit offline at a trade fair to a journalist who is interested, also ask for the journalist's card and promise, for example, to e-mail the press release digitally. A digital press release is much easier to process than a printout. Don't forget to save the address for your press file, another nice new press contact.

Here's another nice example of Fields of Joy festival that has turned the complete press kit into one handy and clear downloadable PDF .

What is a press release?

A press release is a written message that is distributed by a company or organization to (news) media, in the hope that the content will be published by these media. The purpose of a press release is generally to interest or persuade the public. Before an editor takes over a press release, the message must be newsworthy.

What should you definitely not do with a press release?

A good press release is very important if you want to approach the press. A bad press release (spelling errors, too commercial or no news value) is rarely published. What should you definitely not do?

  • write 'press release' in the subject of your email. Write in the subject what the press release is about to stimulate the journalist to open your mail
  • no promotional texts, keep it as businesslike as possible. It is a press release, not a brochure or advertorial
  • e-mail several journalists at the same time and make all addresses visible on the screen, use the bcc for this if necessary. Even better: send as personally as possible
  • list the most important news last, start immediately with this and end with the least important information
  • write a press release about something in the past, keep it current.
  • do not design the press release as an advertorial or folder, stick to plain text in word, possibly with a logo and example photo
  • just add attachments, also paste the press release as plain text in the e-mail, easy and quick to read for the journalist without him having to open anything extra
  • be unreachable while your mobile number is listed with the press release. In addition, provide a clear 'note to the editor', so that your data is not published
  • do not write pages full, keep it concise with a maximum of 1 A4
  • a clear headline or forgetting the subheadings, these are very important so that a journalist can 'screen' the text
  • don't write have/become/are in combination with a past participle, write actively, that reads much better
  • also do not use jargon or marketing language
  • do not send e-mails that are too large, keep it under 2 MB with attachments and a link to a high-res image
  • don't write you/you/you or even worse: the I-form in a press release. Very confusing when it appears literally online

💡 TIP : would you rather have a press release written (or edited)? There are so many copywriters who can do that for you. For example, take a look at CopyRobin .

    Shout from the rooftops that you're here!

    Suez tea wins a Happy Stuff Award

    As I mentioned earlier, distributing a press kit is often linked to a press presentation or product launch. Therefore, write an attractive, press-worthy , short and general press release about your company and/or the products or services you sell. Keep it simple and preferably with one main subject. Link in the message to your press kit. Send this message to 5 magazines, newspapers or blogs you would like to appear in. Do that with attention and preferably always call after.

    Do you find that scary? Then start with the local dummy. That's what I meant by 'Think local' and maybe you can also send the message to family, friends and acquaintances asking if they want to share it with their relevant contacts. In your inner circle (your wolf pack as I like to call it) the gun factor is great.

    When Annemarie won a coveted Happy Stuff Award with her webshop Suez Thee , she was featured in the Noord-Hollands Dagblad and that did her no harm!

    Another 5 golden tips for a webshop to get in the press

    1. provide news value (such as a new product)
    2. provide a good image (atmospheric image and detached image, in high resolution)
    3. make sure you have the right contacts (search the magazines, who do you need to contact to get to the right page?)
    4. provide a good accompanying text, such as a press release
    5. timing is everything

    Show that your webshop or brand has been picked up!

    Last but not least: will you be featured in a magazine and/or somewhere online? Be proud and grateful and show it! As maison KOOS does, for example, with the help of Instagram stories.

    Maison KOOS in the media

    This guest blog post was created with tips and tricks from, among others, Marianne Sijberden of the De Perswinkel - PR Agency for brands and webshops) De Persbeeldwinkel is an online database full of high-res press images. Editors search there by color, category or tag and fill their shopping page and trend pages in the magazines with product photos from this image bank. You can register here at De Persbeeldbank and here at Pelipress.

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