Hoe maak ik een mystery box?

Inspiration: everyone wants a Mystery box

They are called surprise bags at Applepiepieces (my former jewelry webshop), a golden bag in sizes S, M and L that can be ordered full of goodies from the shop. What you get is a total surprise and you get more than your money's worth anyway. It can be that simple and that is precisely why such surprises are so incredibly successful. Because you just MUST know what's in it and you can only do that by ordering it. Click, in the shopping cart.

I came to this when I saw the video below. Mystery boxes seem to be all the rage on Ebay right now. There you see that even the most crappy descriptions have a certain appeal.

What can you do with this information?

“These are the most exciting boxes I've every opened, even though they contained trash” says it all. It mainly shows the attraction of the unknown and that people just really want to be surprised. Take advantage of it and also make a Mystery box or bag for your webshop, but then really a beautiful one that completely fits your webshop full of beautiful things instead of second-hand crap -___-. Always see a Surprise bag as a kind of 'tasting' of your shop, an introduction that leaves you wanting more. Add a nice discount, an extra candy, a cross promotion, pack it all extra nice in your branding colors with a card from your shop and make it a party! You will see that you will get a lot of good reactions to it and it is really a means to win over potential customers, but also a perfect product to use as a gift tip!

Why exactly such a box?

It's not just 'nice', because if such a box would only be fun you shouldn't do it, something like that takes too much time and time is precious. These are the reasons to add a Mystery box to your webshop:

  • for the reason stated above, it is -mis well explained and depicted- a good converting product
  • potential customers are more likely to order a tasting,
  • it makes you very curious
  • it is good to use as a gift you can use it and transform it into a theme, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
  • it is a nice product for cross promotion without it coming across as too forced

What do you do in a Mystery box?

What is in a good surprise package differs greatly per webshop, but here are a few ideas to help you on your way:

  • make sure there is more value in the box for your customer than the sales value
  • make the packaging a party in your branding colors, with tissue paper, confetti, ribbons, glitter etc.
  • you can also give the box a scent, Little Elephant gives her jewelry bags a lavender scent. Delicious and unforgettable!
  • put a (number of) diverse product(s) from your shop in it, which may be items from a previous collection or a sample collection
  • it can also be products that you make especially for the box!
  • exchange a product with another webshop for cross promotion
  • ask a supplier to join you in something special
  • make an accompanying note or card and include a discount code in it
  • add a 'golden ticket' with extra shopping money every so many boxes (and communicate that!!)
  • add some sweets, a tea bag
  • create a card that can be forwarded to someone else with a discount for a new box
  • ask the recipient to share a photo of her with the box on social media with a special hashtag

I dare you!

What do you think, is this for you? Then you have been challenged with this one. Next week, make a Surprise bag, Mystery box or pack, whatever you want to call it and share your variant here in the Facebook Insiders group (closed, but you can request access. Join us = fun!). Maybe webshops can swap some content among themselves for cross promotion!

Example 1: Applepiepieces Surprise bag

Example 2: Fashion-click Surprise pack

Do you want more such SUPER useful tips?

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