Instagram reels zakelijk inzetten. Hoe dan?!

Betting Instagram reels for business. How?!

Whether it's fun or not, Instagram has been the undisputed number 1 when it comes to social media for a while now. The medium is still growing and expanding a little more every time since it came off facebook. The mysterious algorithm continues to amaze us and it seems increasingly difficult to become and stay organically visible.

The solution for visibility on Instagram

A solution to boost your reach on Instagram at the moment are reels. Reels are videos that can be edited, even within Instagram, and they work pretty much the same as Tiktok. Since it is the most recent feature of Instagram, and video is still booming, reels on the platform take precedence over other content. And so with reels, at the moment, you become more visible on Instagram.

How do you get started with Instagram reels?

Because there are so many possibilities within reels, you may be hesitant to get started. I understand. To be honest, I didn't like them until SYSO-recommended expert Manon from Modern Story came around the corner with a really quick and helpful Instagram Reels course . With this course you will know in no time what reels are, how to make them yourself and extra tips that are very useful!

But I don't want to dance

Instagram reels course

Look, I really don't want that and luckily I don't have to. Do you recognize yourself in any of these thoughts?

• if I want to make reels I have to dance, lip-synch or be very lazy
• I really don't have time for that
• making reels is difficult

    Fortunately, according to Manon, this is all… nonsense. In her reels course she also added a mindset video showing that it is now possible for you too and it is time to boost your reach on Instagram with reels.

    You can order Manon's Instagram Reels course now for €25,- and you're in right away.

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